Tons of really GREAT content in this eBodyFUSION Graduation Hangout.

In this eBodyFUSION Hangout you will learn how clients from busy executives to sports coaches are using my wellness training to excel in their lives and work:

Microcurrent devices compared, how it works and how it does what it does.
Electricity and the natural/organic way it works on the body.
Congratulations Chris Hoffman on succeeding with the top Chinese swimmer to win 2 golds and a silver in the Russian games.
David Brauer – congratulations on completing the Ninja 1 and mastering the basic situations when travelling.
Welcome to the Ninja 1 training Bill Palmer.
Julie Roberts – using Ninja 2 daily – demonstration how she controls her migraine, paralysis, pins and needles.
RITM trademark issues
SCENAR signals – COSMODIC and even 12 volts DC compared.
Application techniques and long term behavioral benefits
Russian clinical trial
Movement of electricity
Nicoli Tesla and Eric Dollard
Plants and electricity
Organ restoration and electricity
12 V DC – pathogens
Hip replacements regeneration
ultra marathon
advanced long term application benefits
sports injuries
understanding what it is and how to do it
ENART 911 dose demonstration
PCM dose demonstration
cell membrane voltage
Acupuncture probe
High vs low frequencies
Fears and marketing
Medical sovereignty
Training and coaching

Congratulations everyone …

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