This is the core optimum health coaching training that’s going to supercharge manifesting your health goals for life. This is the sum total of all my previous coaching systems that helped thousands like you to solve pain, boost energy and rejuvenate.

I’ve done the heavy lifting so that you can get optimum health with my health coaching.

In 2002 I took the Master SCENAR training with Professor Revenko.  But BIG chucks of logic were missing and I was determined to discover what they were and how to improve on it. It’s taken years to discover. Back then there was a lot of talk about how to treat others, but nothing about what to do if you own a device and have it 24/7 to work on yourself.

So I set out on a journey of discovery that was so successful that I want to share the details with you, so that you know about this, and hopefully answer some of your questions about what you can expect to get from my health coaching.

eBodyFUSION T Archives

Back in late 2007 through 2009 I hosted international teleconference coaching with my clients. Using the classic curved DENAS with just two microcurrent frequencies 10 Hz and 77 Hz we tested it against the high end fully professional models costing thousands of dollars more.

Over the years I transcribed over 400 pages of teleconferences of solid research and case studies. What we learned became the foundation for future generations of microcurrent training and optimum health coaching, so that clients could get even better results, more reliably. I now call them the eBodyFUSION T Archives.

Click here and grab a free sample teleconference that got better results than the expensive professional devices. Why because they had my expert coaching support.

health coaching

The 5 Wellness Ninja Health Manifesto Modules for optimum health

Module # 1: Persona-Level Transformation

How to shed the ‘skeptic’ mentality and instead adopt the traits that manifest powerful visions. When you transform your mindset, you’ll change your actions. When you change your actions you’ll experience new results.

Module # 2: Vision & Objectives

To succeed, past the habits and cravings, you need a vision to drive you. A vision that excites you. This vision must then be broken down into actionable objectives.

Module 3: Your Daily Routine Journal

It’s time to work ON you, instead of thinking about it. First we’ll create a ROADMAP that matches your health goals and benchmarks for your daily routine. You’ll see your lifestyle with brand-new clarity. We’ll break down each task into a repeatable, systematic PROCESS.

Module 4: Resource Management

How to see your health as an “investment vehicle” that’s designed to give you the lifestyle, freedom and health you always wanted even if nothing else has worked.

Module 5: Wellness Ninja

This is the core module that’s going to supercharge optimizing your health goals for life. This is the sum total of previous coaching systems, and I am adding the Platinum level training for coaches.

If you are ready to break the cycle and instead want to:

  • have more energy so you don’t wake up feeling tired even after a good night’s sleep
  • wean off the cravings that sabotage your health
  • solve your pain, boost your energy and rejuvenate
  • get optimum health, increase your energy and live longer

Watch this Wellness Saturdays with Benedick livestream video snip from episode 17

The Wake-up Call

May 3rd 2018, I was sitting in my ukulele class when my neighbor said, her friend had just discovered large hot cracks in her yard. The next day the lava show began right after the Mount Kilauea 6.9 earthquake shook the Big Island, Hawaii.

What used to be normal changed overnight. Now, over 90 homes have been destroyed by the lava and the owners displaced, their lives filled with uncertainties and stress. Some offered shelter to those in need, and a neighbor has his house full with the owners of the first house to be destroyed. Others cooked food and washed clothes.  But the evil Red Cross, as usual, put a damper on common sense relief efforts.

Optimum Health

Some like our friend and ukulele player Kim, maybe wisely, decided to leave for the mainland, planning to return when things are settled, maybe.

The lave fountains have got even hotter and more liquid, sending rivers of lava across major escape highways and into the ocean. Mount Kilauea still spews ash in dark clouds rising up to 30,000 feet and blanketing the rest of the island, and the winds are taking the vog up the Hawaii island chain.

As I write this I can hear explosions just 10 miles away from where I live. There’s no telling what can happen next. In fact, the sun flare activity forecasts more eruptions and earthquakes in June.

It’s during these times that a well thought exit plan can save your life.

Sadly, it takes a tragic wake up call to make us take a hard look at our goals, our plans and most importantly, our health.

Back in 2007 I coached clients who had their various “wake up calls” and who TOOK ACTION. Some, as you’ll discover had Lymes disease, neck injuries, chronic back issues and multiple other health conditions that had been limiting their lives for years, some were bedridden, but recvovered.

We tailor made exit plans with my health coaching with strategies that took me a decade or more to perfect, and they did the impossible because they trusted me and did not waste time procrastinating. Because I have done the heavy lifting.

In January 2015 I authored a brand new three-month optimum health coaching, specializing in microcurrent application strategies that I had perfected in the first generation.

I went live 2016 with a hand held training and a new one for the new, time saving Vertebra, see details here.

In 2018, this is the time we turned on the supercharger! And I get even more excited!

The fourth generation is the sum total of previous generations described above, and I have included the Platinum level training for coaches.

And I wrote a book, maybe you have a copy, that details everything about my coaching philosophy when using microcurrent and in it are my Five Energy Secrets for Wellness Seekers Who Are Ready for Instant Energy, Optimum Health and Longevity.

So what’s your exit plan?

Like I said, people I worked with had various health issues, they trusted me and they all got stellar results.

Are you ready?

Click here and see how easy it is to get optimum health with my training and health coaching.