Quickly heal all sports injuries. Here’s how Chris Hoffman, gold medalist sports coach, boosts team spirit to an all-time high and enables injured athletes to achieve full potential despite their gruesome schedules.

Chris Hoffman, gold medalist sports coach, discovered the amazing healing benefits of microcurrent thanks to a long search on the internet and finally choosing to learn from microcurrent expert, Benedick Howard at eBodyFUSION. Now, he uses DENAS PCM 5 (the 5th generation model of the DENAS PCM 6) and ENART 911 in helping his athletes get back on track twice as fast. No matter what kind of sports injury, his athletes recover so fast that they can get back on the court, as if nothing happened.

Sports injuries healed 2x faterChris Hoffman on microcurrent and sports injuries

Chris could not help but gush over the phenomenal results that he was getting from using DENAS PCM 6  and ENART 911. Athletes are under a lot of strain and stress. In China, sports athletes work twice as hard in order to be on top of their game all the time with few breaks and little rest or recovery time

Just imagine if a key player gets injured. The whole team can lose morale. Their best player is sick and won’t be back for a weeks or months. Imagine the possible loss and career disappointment.

At the same time, injury is very debilitating to the player, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

“It has a big impact on the mindset of the athletes. If they have an injury they want to get back to the court but they can’t. So they get frustrated with their body because they can’t go,” Chris explained. “With microcurrent, it dramatically speeds up the process and get them back on it, which they love to. There’s a lot of pressure on those guys to perform on the top level all the time and to maintain it they need to dig up every resources possible. Microcurrent did a good job in supporting them.”

Athletes have several games a week. When the key player is down, the challenge and the threat to lose is hard to bear.  Sports coach want their athletes to recover fast and be back on the game as soon as possible.

Microcurrent does it on point! The effects are almost instantaneous.

Common sports injuries

Sports injury can refer to any kinds of injuries that commonly occur during sports, practice and exercise. One can get a sports injury from accidents. However, athletes also get injured from poor training practices, improper equipment use, lack of body conditioning or insufficient warm-up.  And the good news is that the same microcurrent device tackles ALL sports injuries 2x faster.

Injuries can be acute and chronic.

Signs of acute injury can include any of the following:

-sudden, severe pain
-inability to place weight on a lower limb
-extreme tenderness in an upper limb
-inability to move a joint through its full range of motion
-extreme limb weakness
-visible dislocation or break of a bone.

Signs of chronic injuries can include the following:

-pain when performing an activity
-a dull ache when at rest

Did you know that the body has a natural healing process when it comes to dealing with injuries?

Just seconds after the injury, whether a bone breaks or a ligament tears, your brain sends signals to the different nerves and commands your body to start repairing the problem. The damaged cells release chemicals. This triggers a process called inflammation. Blood vessels become dilated at the area surrounding the injury. Blood flow increases to carry nutrients to the damaged tissue.

Within hours after the injury, the white blood cells travel down to the damaged area and begins to tear down and removed the degenerating tissues. Specialized cells take over and start developing scar tissue.

Depending on the extent of the injury, a few days will be enough for the scar tissue to form on the skin or inside the body. The amount of scarring depends on the amount of swelling, inflammation or bleeding. In a few weeks, the damaged area will recover its strength.

In some cases, it can take months for the sports injuries to completely heal.

Microcurrent electrifies the natural process of healing. As soon as the injury occurs, if microcurrent is applied immediately, the electricity charges the cells and the mitochondria of the injured parts to release enzymes and hormones needed to repair the tissues. The electronic waves triggers the production of neuropeptides that help rebuild degenerated tissues. You can get results instantly!

Chris shared a remarkable experience that he had with his DENAS PCM. During a game in 2016, one of the players slipped on the floor, injured his hand and the whole skin around the thumb area came off. It was unsightly! Normally, it would take weeks before the skin heals. Chris used DENAS on the injured area and in just two days, the skin grew back.

“Just amazing how fast it works. Every day I see the change on the skin. That was amazing. You can see the visual change day-to-day,” Chris described.

Can you overdose sports injuries using microcurrent?

Absolutely no overdose! The electrical waveform from the device is similar to the waveform sent by the brain to the nerves. It is organic and natural. Just imagine your body is like a battery, when a battery is full, it stops charging. The same is true for the body, as it receives microcurrent, it charges up the cells and rejuvenates it naturally and non evasively.

Now to be completely transparent athletes are really fit so they rarely with have a “Heximar reaction” or “healing crisis”.  If this should happen to you it is because the body finally has the energy to get rid of toxins.

How you can benefit from DENAS PCM 6 and ENART 911?

Just like Chris, you can gain knowledge and confidence to use microcurrent device if you have an expert coach to hold your hand as you walk this path to this advanced electrotherapy procedure. At eBodyFUSION, Benedick Howard will guide you into this amazing journey of accelerated self-healing through microcurrent ENART 911 microcurrent devicebiofeedback.  Price from $497 for the new DENAS PCM 6 with the 24 built in programs.

What are you waiting for? Every second counts! Any pain is NOT normal. Do not let pain ruin your life.

Whether you are an athlete, a sports coach or simply someone who wants to live a better life free of pain, boost your energy to do more and rejuvenate your body to achieve your greatest potential, eBodyFUSION is ready to listen and help you. Call us now!

Hangout with host Benedick Howard and Chris Hoffmann gold medalist coach talking about sports injuries

Time stamps:
00:00 Introduction to Chris Hoffman gold medalist sports trainer and coach and his experience using microcurrent for fast healing of acute sports injuries
00:04 The big difference Chris uses to get his athletes back on the court fast and plans for the season in China
00:06 How accelerated healing times with microcurrent effect the mindset of athletes
00:08 Chris shares how the sometimes instantaneous healing times for acute sports injuries and for more serious acute injuries the healing time is halved = 2x faster
00:09 Australian gold medalists are using the same technology too.
00:10 See the ENART 911 that Chris will be comparing this season to the DENAS PCM he has used up to date
00:12 How it works: charging the compromised areas with electricity to reduce pain and boost energy
00:13 Ultra marathoners preferred microcurrent
00:14 Athletes using microcurrent for faster recovery times too
00:15 Application time for self application
00:17 Dramatic hand and thumb injury repaired in record time
00:18 Third degree burn healing description
00:21 Preliminary ENART 911 benefits over PCM
00:22 Being guided on how to use microcurrent is key – dont’ risk doing it alone
00:23 Other tools Chris uses with his athletes to get them back in top shape with 3x gold medalist swimmer
00:27 Awesome Chris, we’ll catch up soon

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