Microcurrent for children so you can Quickly Calm a Child with the DENAS PCM 6 children’s settings even if they’re throwing a tantrum

DENAS PCM 6 SCENARJust imagine what you can do with two more extra hours in the morning. Do a 30-minute run to tick off that exercise goal on your to-do list. Spend some time reading a book that you have been yearning to get your hands on. Prepare a delicious breakfast for the family. Get some time to check your emails. Or just savor a quiet morning over a cup of coffee.

If you are busy mom, did you know that microcurrent therapy using the DENAS PCM 6 can get you that extra two hours every morning?

Is there a microcurrent for children setting that I can use for my kids? Is it safe to use microcurrent therapy to children? When I received by DENAS PCM 6, I was very excited to try it and use it for my lower back pain. Little did I know that I can use it for my 3-year-old son. Thankfully, through Benedick’s wellness training program, I was able to discover that this microcurrent device has a children setting that I can easily use on my son.

The idea of using electricity on the body seemed weird for many people. Why? They often associated electricity with electric shock, feeling grounded and worst case scenario, death by “lightning”. You get the picture, right?

However, the electricity delivered by microcurrent is minimal, just enough to stimulate the body’s immune system to perform better. Microcurrent electricity empowers the cell membrane voltage causing cascades of health benefits and the power to body’s 100,000 electro biochemical reactions occurring in your body every second.

The benefit of using microcurrent for children

One of the first lessons I learned when using the DENAS PCM 6 for kids is that it will help calm down any toddler. For a mom like me, that’s just the best news ever!

You know how toddlers can be a huge ball of energy. Plus, they are always on-the-go. They just want to be everywhere and they seem to run on unlimited power supply.

I have tried body massages. I used to use touch therapy to calm him down before he sleeps. But the results are short term. The next day, it’s back to 100% full energy unleashed!

I don’t give him any chocolates and no sugary drinks. Aside from the fact that’s it’s ruining his appetite, it also affects the mood.

During one of our training sessions with Benedick, I found out that DENAS PCM 6 is super effective for kids. I thought it was too good to be true. I tried microccurent for children that night.

I used one of the 24 programs in the DENAS PCM 6 and applied it to my son.

I brushed the DENAS PCM 6 on his back for 5 minutes. Then, I also brushed it on his tummy for 5 minutes. At first, he was struggling to get it off but a minute later, he starts to enjoy microcurrent therapy.

After the session, I read him a book and he fell asleep after 30 minutes. You can just imagine my surprise!

Our normal night would involve running around until 10pm, about the time he would be too tired to play. But after using the PCM 6, he was asleep by 9pm.

Did he sleep well? He woke up at 8 a.m the next morning. I had enough time to do some exercises, prepare breakfast and check my emails before the little one is up and about to start his energetic day.

I am still discovering how my son benefits from using the DENAS PCM 6. But as of now, we enjoy brushing sessions every night and anytime of the day when he is super active and “unstoppable”. It never fails to calm him. And I am one happy mom thanks to microcurrent for children.


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