Benedick's Wellness Ninja Manifesto

Five Uncommon Energy Secrets for Wellness Seekers Who Are Ready For Instant Energy, Optimum Health and Longevity

Learn how to invest in your health, before it becomes too late. The secret to the best health coach investment has been around for more than 30 years. I have been working around this “hidden technology” since 2007. And, I have some really great health coaching tips for you.

I want to share with you some crucial tips about microcurrent. Particularly, I will feature the DENAS PCM 6 and the Vertebra SCENAR. Both of these are extraordinary units and are available from Russia.

These devices boost your energy, phenomenally! They can rejuvenate the body down to the cellular level and you will get amazing relief.

Let me be frank. I am not a medical guy. I cannot say that it can cure you. However, it will definitely take care of you and your body.

It can regenerate stuff that needs to be regenerated because it’s electricity!

Nikola Tesla knew about this because it’s electricity, it boosts your energy. It is the “life force”, the “nerve force”, the “greatest of all doctors”.

In this bimonthly show I create, my goal is to Change the Face of Medicine, one person at a time.

We didn’t really realize how important health was because we’re reasonably healthy unless you had like a major accident.

Just like what happened to me, back when I was 14 years old.

A wall fell on me and injured my back and neck. This led me to the path, to the search for better healing technologies.

And now, in my golden age, I can still engage in activities like running for miles, practicing Ashtanga yoga and playing the ukulele.

This technology is already available to more than 2.5 million people today and getting these incredible results.

I have a gold medalist coach that I trained that is also getting his athletes back on track, twice as fast basically, and so it works in all these different spectrums not just acute but also for the chronic stuff too.

I’m not suggesting any cures.

Like you, I am tired of seeing commercials, say, a fitness equipment. It will promise that you can achieve the same body feature or look of the person on the ad using the same equipment. The reality is unlikely.

You see, everybody’s result is different.

I got some shocking statistics from and found that 84% of SCENAR device buyers put their items on the shelf after 1 month of use. They don’t realize the true value of these technologies and unable to utilize the healing capabilities of these double AA-powered devices.

In Russia in the 1980’s, results of SCENAR trials from the 1980’s on 18,255 people with diseases of the circulation, digestion, ears, eyes, nerves musculoskeletal, respiration and urogenital systems that achieved an average cure rate of 88.5%.

The top two SCENAR devices available today are the DENAS PCM 6 and the Vertebra.

Allergies, colds, cough and sore throat are dreadful, irritating and troublesome. Imagine if you can get relief from these health issues in just 5 minutes using a simple SCENAR device – the DENAS PCM 6.

Handheld DENAS PCM 6

DENAS PCM 6 utilizes advanced microcurrent SCENAR therapy. This SCENAR device targets the root cause of your health conditions and solves your pain problem.

The DENAS PCM 6 is designed with 24 training programs to address just about any pain problem you have. Allergies, coughs, colds and throat problems will soon be a thing of the past. You can start to live your life a better, healthier and happier life. Even your kids will benefit from the DENAS PCM 6. There’s a child setting so the kids can also get quick relief from allergies, coughs, colds and sore throat.

What others say about the DENAS Vertebra v2

The DENAS VERTEBRA is the ULTIMATE microcurrent device on the planet that obsoletes all the complicated time to consume, can only be done on another person’s back, Russian protocols. So that you can achieve even better quicker results alone.

The DENAS Vertebra has specific microcurrent frequency sets of 5 programs that sequentially tingle the spine from the 48 electrodes.

“Everybody was giving me different advice for lower back, sciatica, and neck. Lots of pain keeping me up at night. I was miserable for six months. Now, sleeping at night, minimal soreness. After healing crisis feeling much better, now it’s really working.” – Jack Higgins, Hawaii

“It’s like having your private masseuse 24/7. Week started out rough with emotional stuff at home. I keep falling asleep when I am on the Vertebra 2 ¬ Oh so nice.” -Diane Monteil, California

The DENAS Vertebra is the coolest “laid back way” for you if you want to solve pain, boost energy and rejuvenate.

eBodyFUSION Coaching and Training Package

The 2018 eBodyFUSION wellness coaching and training builds on this 10 years of microcurrent coaching foundation to provide the best possible solution for you.

There are 5 levels (bronze – silver – gold – platinum – 1-on-1 mentoring) to the 2018 eBodyFUSION Wellness training and coaching for you to chose from.

Bronze and silver Self-study Family and Friends online training programs to the gold and platinum levels with 24/7 group and 1-on-1 mentoring levels. And the exclusive eBodyFUSION “Ninja” coaching strategies that have been even further refined in 2017.

In 2018 you can now bring your own microcurrent device, any Avazzia, ENART, DENAS, SCENAR etc. and finally discover how to really use it for way more than you ever imagined and save on travel, get monthly support and learn how microcurrent works in the real world. Good for all ages from children to seniors.

I just don’t want you to end up not using the device or putting it on the shelf because they really really work when you work it and that so that’s what I can really affirm with you.

Learn more about the eBodyFUSION Coaching and Training Package here.