Learn how even the "black sheep" of SCENARs gets amazing results as documented in the eBodyFUSION T Archives

And discover how to solve your pain, boost your energy and rejuvenate.

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With gold medalist coach trainer Chris Hoffman and the 2x technique to dramatically quicken healing times for professional atheletes

Clients Think

With Sean Coakley, Bikram Yoga instructor and nutritional yogi shares how he dramatically healed his 10 years if very painful and chronic back injury.

Check out these health information gems, the latest updates, THE most advanced SCENAR training and wellness strategies that you can exclusively get from eBodyFUSION.

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Have you grown tired of all the medical drama?

Do you want to get amazing health results in the most natural way?

Are you confused about the sheer volume of information available online and feeling frustrated about who to trust?

If you want freedom from the killer medical system, this is your place to be!

(Hey, we are not medical professionals, so we cannot give any medical advice.  So, please do not ask about "cures", or how long it will take, every body is unique so coaching strategies vary from person to person and from week to week.)

SCENAR Therapy

Aside from that, we want to share with you very select health information gems.  How you can use them so that you can quickly optimize your wellness with SCENAR therapy with

  • advanced pain solutions,
  • energy boosting strategies and rejuvenation.
  • Health and wellness gems all here at eBodyFUSION - enthusing your body with energy.
  • Discover why microcurrent training is important to get amazing health results in as fast as 5 minutes!

Have you heard about the star trek healing device? Find out more about this SCENAR device here.

Microcurrent is a 100%, all-natural remedy for a long list of health problems including allergies, colds, coughs, sore throat, chronic pain, chronic infection and more.

The resonance effect - frequency Specific MicrocurrentChiropractic doctor Carolyn McMakin’s book “The Resonance Effect” – North Atlantic Books – adds an interesting dimension to the hidden in plain sight world of microcurrent.

According to the author, this could possibly be the way to change the face of medicine with Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM).  McMakin’s book subtitle “The Resonance Effect, How Frequency Specific Microcurrent is Changing Medicine” is interesting.

Get the full book review here.



serrapeptaseIf you or someone you know is battling cancer, this phenomenal butterfly enzyme called serrapeptase is your key to healing!

Learn more about how beneficial is serrapeptase for cancer plus understand how high dose serrapeptase works in addressing cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory problems, fibroids, scar tissues and more.

Meet Sean Coakley, former Bikram yoga instructor and Division 1 soccer player. Find out how Avazzia SCENAR Training with microcurrent therapy helped him recover from severe paralysis due to a near-death accident.

eBodyFUSION T ArchiveseBodyFUSION has been around since 2007 and over the years, we have amassed precious insights, learning and case histories from the different SCENAR training.

After years of organizing and transcribing, you can now access the full recordings of the eBodyFUSION T Archives, in mp3 and PDF formats.
Check it out here.

Your journey to healing, optimal health and wellness begins here.

eBodyFUSION Wellness Facebook groupJoin the supportive eBodyFUSION Wellness group and discover how eBodyFUSION with the help of our SCENAR training will solve your pain, boost energy and rejuvenate using natural, non invasive strategies.

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Stay in touch and learn more about eBodyFUSION Wellness Coaching and discover how to solve your pain and boost your energy

Doctors, therapists and people like you trust Benedick's Wellness Coaching with DENAS SCENAR technology to resolve the underlying causes of pain, boost energy and rejuvenate

The ultimate successful online wellness training and coaching system proven to solve the underlying causes of pain, boost energy and solve acute and chronic medical conditions naturally and reliably even when all other modalities have failed.

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With his eBodyFUSION system Benedick Howard is an expert training and coaching hundreds of clients since 2006 combining wellness coaching with advanced microcurrent techniques.

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Julie Roberts - DELTA pilot and Lymes Expert
eBodyFUSION trained

Chris Hoffman - Gold Medalist Sports Coach
eBodyFUSION trained

Stay in touch and learn more about eBodyFUSION Wellness Coaching and discover how to solve your pain and boost your energy

Electrifying results you will get too!

Watch Linde's Story

and how she got her knees into full lotus Part 1 of 2 using the pencil or acupuncture probe to gently relax the muscles

Watch Benedick's story

and how in 2008 the original DENAS banana shaped SCENAR was a game changer because it slipped over the skin so easily to energize the whole body with tingling results ...

Watch Billy's Story

and how he kept on using his DENAS and resolved his pinched nerves, bulging discs and stenosis MRI proven.  "The doctors were amazed".

Watch Chris's full version

his complete assessment of how he integrated DENAS PCM for sports injuries into the demanding routine of his gold medalist clients

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Disclaimer:  Although the Russian's clinical trials achieved 88.50% average cure rates, your results will vary accordingly.  The testimonials on this site illustrate what others have obtained and your success will depend on a number of factors as you learn to self apply according to the protocols taught in the training and coaching.

Stay in touch and learn more about eBodyFUSION Wellness Coaching and discover how to solve your pain and boost your energy

The training and coaching available through eBodyFUSION is not for the “treatment” or “cure” of any medical disease.

We are not medical professionals, so do not give medical advice.

eBodyFUSION offers training and wellness coaching specializing in microcurrent electrotherapy application strategies to quickly get results to solve your pain, boost your energy and rejuvenate.

The testimonials on this site illustrate what others have obtained. As everyone is unique your results will depend upon a wide rage of factors, each requiring expert strategies that you can trust for optimum short and long term results.

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