Wow, Benedick was on a SCENAR DENAS microcurrent rant LOL and has been viewed over 10,973 times and watched for a total of 111,259 minutes.

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In the November Hangout Benedick was joined by student Bill Palmer DC who after 20 years has solved his fractured neck injury solved with the eBodyFUSION SCENAR DENAS microcurrent training and now getting tremendous results with his clients using the Ninja 2 techniques.

The links below will open the Hangout at the correct time spots for the major topics discussed.

eBodyFUSION Assessment explained click here the new eBodyFUSION assessment based on 8 years of training experience is the definitive way to establish if and how this technology can work for you.  After some silence when I accidentally switch off the mic, it begins again at here
DENAS 7 Day Training click here see details of this new training introduced in October.  Purchase here
Dr Keith Scott-Mumbry’s new book Medicine Beyond: Startling New Dimensions Of Health and Healing For The Future click here for the review Purchase here
Bonus click here, only valid for 24 hours through 11/8/15
Vertebra introduction click here more in the December 5th 2015 Hangout after testing this month for a variety of conditions.

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NOTE during the section “Assessment explained” the audio mutes for 7 minutes at 37 minutes through 44 minutes, during this time there is a link you can click to the Russian clinical trials on 18,255 people where they achieved an average 88.50% cure rates.


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