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…and Benedick will play classic soothing tunes on his ukulele to calm your soul

Learn more about the eBodyFUSION health coaching tips so you can solve your pain, boost your energy and rejuvenate naturally.

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➡ ep 6 History of SCENAR microcurrent devices from 1975 – and why on earth would a wellness coach be taking antibiotics?

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➡ ep 8 New Year – New Vision 5 Wellness Strategies You Need in 2018

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➡ ep 10 What, EXACTLY is a health coach?

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➡ ep 13 Module 4: Resource Management

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➡ ep 15 Power of Intent – Sound And Sacred Geometry

➡ ep 16 Core Values

➡ ep 17 Five Wellness Ninja Modules – my health coaching explained

➡ ep 18 Wellness Ninja Manifesto – Reflections

➡ ep 19 Changing the Face of Medicine – Empowering you to manage your health, naturally

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