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Success Stories

Simon Lee - masters "healing" degenerative disc pain with Benedick's 3 month coaching

I feel the training program, esp. with all the videos, is a big selling point. Since I purchased my DENAS I have directed many friends to your site Benedick. When I talk to them about buying a device I always emphasize the great training that you provide.”

Dr David Ridley MD Tempe Florida

Chris Hoffman - Gold Medalist Sports Coach - eBodyFUSION trained

Thanks to the training I am able to do my stained glass art without having to endure the pain in my back and hands. Will treat my hands after working all day and will have no pain. Also, have arthritis in right shoulder, pain controlled by the regular application. No longer use my allergy medicine, treat sinuses freq especially when I have symptoms.”

Barb Wilson artist, Madison Wisconsin

Julie Roberts - DELTA pilot and Lymes Expert - eBodyFUSION trained

Thanks for your time, attention to providing us with superb customer service and for caring.

Frank Zahn

Diane Monteil - the Vertebra is like owning your own masseuse

This is a fantastic tool!

Chris Hoffman Olympic Gold Medalist coach/trainer USA and China

Mark Moshenrose - expect the unexpected

So far, I have found no other device in the same universe of effectiveness as the SCENAR*.

Seeking to discover the best possible way to apply SCENAR's incredible possibilities, I contacted numerous 'experts', as well as read innumerable research papers and web sites.
However, in all that time, I have learned more worthwhile, useful and important information in one conversation with Benedick Howard about how to best understand, apply & benefit from SCENAR'S capabilities than all other sources combined. 
If you would like to understand and use SCENAR in any of its almost unlimited capacity to relieve pain, to help the body assist in it returning to wholeness and to enjoy true, fully pain free living, I offer to anyone who is interested, that Benedick Howard is the most knowledgeable source on the theory, practice and most importantly effective application of ANY SCENAR device that I have found.

I have never met Benedick Howard, have no personal or business relationship with him.  This is a totally voluntary testimonial to a fellow professional who has gained my enduring respect because, in my professional opinion, he is the single most knowledgeable source on how to benefit from any SCENAR."

Anon, Psychologist

Ray Reveles - the best health investment

I must say I really enjoy listening to your videos, they are really informative and I know that your views on the world are more less the same as mine!

Wojtek Czubek, London, England

The doctors diagnosed me with nerve impingement, bulging of discs and stenosis along my whole spine. Later I went back for a MRI and the doctors were amazed – “Wow your body is healing itself” to them they could not understand that.”

Billy Jaeschke, Roofer, Mountainview Hawaii

Linde Farmer - how she got both knees into full lotus

Billy - kept on doing it and resolved his pinched nerves,
bulging discs and stenosis MRI proven.  "The doctors were amazed".

I have a chronic, autoimmune disease that manifests itself with many different pain syndromes – paresthesia, joint pain, back pain, muscle pain, numbness and pain in the hands and feet. Your training has been helpful with almost all of the above.”

David Barker, broker Phoenix Arizona

Sean Coakley, Bikram Yoga instructor and nutritional yogi shares how he
dramatically healed his 10 years if very painful and chronic back injuries.

Herniated discs, had hard time turning my head, arm going dead, numb for years.  After a couple of sessions felt the difference immediately.  Gone diabetes sores from legs, arms and chest, no more itching, sleeping better.”

Ruth Smith retired, Salem Oregon

how it all started - in 2008 the original DENAS banana shaped
SCENAR was a game changer because it slipped over the skin so
easily to energize the whole body with tingling results ...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What is micro-current biofeedback?

    A.Invented in Russia in the 70’s and went to clinical trials on 18,255 people in the 80’s and achieved 88.50% cure rates in all the disease groups.  In the musculo skeletal group they got 91.7% cure rates.  I have been working with this technology for 16 years with phenomenal results where NOTHING else works.  You feel slight tingles to the skin that releases neuropeptides and mind body stimulants to rejuvenate tissues, get rid of pain so that you can get off the medical treadmill once and for ever.  This technology is used throughout the health coaching program.
    Full details in the Wellness Ninja Manifesto.

  • Q.What is a Health Coach?

    A.Health Coaches are experts in establishing relationships and practicing core coaching skills that assist the individual in identifying values and desires, transforming them into action, and maintaining lasting change over time.
    I compliment my coaching with advanced technology to greatly speed your journey to achieve health excellence, by conditioning and disciplining the body, the mind and the heart to get clarity and passion to embrace the healthy you.

Health Coaching Values

  • Fresh perspectives on personal challenges

    The more you go to the edge of your limits the more your limits will expand

  • Increased openness boosts personal development

    Change your mindset from self defeating programs

  • Greater interpersonal effectiveness

    Quickly identify solutions for family, work or personal issues

  • Increased confidence

    Builds greater ownership, responsibility and accountability

  • Develop self-awareness

    Respond to challenges with confidence

  • Condition and discipline the body, the mind and the heart

    Get clarity and passion to embrace your life purpose

Disclaimer:  Although the Russian's clinical trials achieved 88.50% average cure rates, your results will vary according.  The testimonials on this site illustrate what others have obtained and your success will depend on a number of factors as you self apply according to the protocols taught in the training and coaching.

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eBodyFUSION offers health training and coaching specializing in microcurrent electrotherapy application strategies to quickly get results to solve your pain, boost your energy and rejuvenate.
The health training and coaching available through eBodyFUSION is not for the “treatment” or “cure” of any medical disease.

We are not medical professionals, so do not give medical advice.

The testimonials on this site illustrate what others have obtained. As everyone is unique your results will depend upon a wide rage of factors, each requiring expert strategies that you can trust for optimum short and long term results.
Frankly, as a coach I get paid in advance because of your trust that this not a scam and instead a commitment between us to optimize your health.

As a microcurrent expert – health coach I will give you my all to help you succeed, but the real work is now up to you so you can solve your pain, boost your energy and rejuvenate.
I’ve been at this for 15 years, and consequently have a bit of an advantage, I have done the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.
Don’t interpret our results or testimonials as some sort of promise or implication of your future performance and health. The GREAT coaching results I get aren’t even remotely typical. (The equipment, without training ends up on the shelf).

The average person who buys any of my services from me may not get any results at all. Kind of like how the average person who buys home exercise equipment rarely ends up looking like the person in the commercials.

Learn how to apply the cutting edge advanced health coaching protocols that finally support you to master your health vision.

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