eBodyFUSION VideoLetter for August 2017: Frequency Specific Microcurrent – Resonance Effect Book Review, Russian Electrotherapy, nnEMF, Serrapeptase and the DENAS PCM 6 24+ Training

Latest August eBodyFUSION News – eBodyFUSION T Archives 3 Years Of Case Histories – Frequency Specific Microcurrent by Carolyn McMakin book review – How To Get Athletes Back On Track Twice As Fast With Microcurrent – Testing The Benefits of Serrapeptase

After my “Seeing God” experience with shingles in February 2017 where I went down to 128 lbs and was in bed in MASSIVE pain for a month and another two months in recovery, I was humbled to focus on sharing the work we have been doing with microcurrent devices like SCENAR, DENAS, ENART and Avazzia and what Carolyn McMakin has been doing with Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

August 2017 whats new for the month.

The resonance effect - frequency Specific MicrocurrentThe Resonance Effect by Carolyn McMakin – review Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Back in the early 1900s electrotherapy was big, in Europe as well as in the U.S. Electrotherapy had become hugely popular with doctors who used electricity to successfully treat an amazing range of different diseases.  I remember living in Hot Springs, Arkansas and on my almost daily visits to the hot springs seeing inside the bath houses displays of old electrotherapy devices hanging there from the early 1900.

Electrotherapy goes back a long way in history, from thousands of years in the Orient, to second emperor of Rome Numa Pompilius who built himself an electricity lab and Roman shallow ponds with electric eels to cure depression and lethargy, to the 1880s batteries, called accumulators. Like maybe Numa Pompilius had found already, batteries created a dependable source of electricity which made electrotherapy thrive.

But, that all changed in the U.S., when in 1910 the Flexner report outlawed … Know more about frequency specific microcurrent.

Advanced 2X Faster Russian Electrotherapy results even with nnEMF and UVA blue light

Coming in September

Sports-injury-DENAS-pcm-6Gold Medalist Sports Coach Gets His Athletes Back On Track Twice As Fast With Advanced Russian Microcurrent Biofeedback

Just imagine if a key player gets injured. The whole team can lose morale. Their best player is sick and won’t be back for a weeks or months. Imagine the possible loss and career disappointment.

At the same time, injury is very debilitating to the player, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

“It has a big impact on the mindset of the athletes. If they have an injury they want to get back to the court but they can’t. So they get frustrated with their body because they can’t go,” Chris explained. Know more about how microcurrent therapy helped him.

Serrapeptase: Understanding The Benefits of This Phenomenal Butterfly Enzyme In Curing Pain and Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

silkworm butterfly - serrapeptaseGet real-life testimonials from people who have been using serrapeptase and learn the healing secrets of this butterfly enzyme.

Serrapeptase is also known as the butterfly enzyme. It is also called serrapeptidase or serratio peptidase.

This is found in the saliva of the silkworm moth. A silkworm releases this enzyme to dissolve the tough, protein-covered cocoon that coops it during its metamorphosis. Once it breaks free from the cocoon, you see a transformed, beautiful butterfly. It’s the same silkworm, only better, stronger and has more freedom to enjoy the outside world.

Now, the very same enzyme from the silkworm moth is produced in sterile labs to provide humans with the same liberation from ailments that have been plaguing mankind in the last two decades.

Serrapeptase is not really new. In fact, it has been around for more than 30 years now. It was first introduced in the United States in the 1990s but very few people knew it and harnessed its healing potential.
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eBodyFUSION T ArchiveseBodyFUSION T Archives

In 2007, a veteran client George, who had been poisoned with thallium, (yet still alive today – thanks to SCENAR) recommended a banana shaped device from a Russian company called DENAS.  It had only two “speeds”, slow (with a dose) and fast, a plus that later would make it super easy to train and test what was really going on.

I tested it for some months on myself and my clients and it worked really well, surprisingly well, contrary to the negative SCENAR generation reviews that have prevailed from Dr Irina Kossovskaia.

So, against the advice of my business mentor, I decided to market the banana DENAS, and folks from all walks of life joined me in achieving amazing results in cures. They learned from my coaching them in my weekly teleconference calls, that I spent days transcribing each week and making them available on my website.

This study went on for over two years and amassed an overwhelming 450 pages of transcripts and over 50 hours of mp3 recordings. Get your free teleconference copy here.

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