wellness coachingeBodyFUSION Wellness Coaching So That YOU get off the Medical Treadmill and get REALLY HEALTHY in Body, Mind and Spirit …

As aware people know wellness is a huge priority, and wellness coaching could be in your future if you are serious about getting off the medical treadmill and reclaim your life.  Statistics show that fitness is the fastest growing trend in the world and of course coaches and trainers are in high demand because to succeed quickly you need a team and a wellness coach is the ultimate choice for professionals.

According to a 2015 survey by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), “educated and experienced fitness professionals” now constitute the most important fitness trend in the world, having jumped from third to first place since last year. “Personal trainers” rose from seventh to third place and demand for health or wellness coaching was one of the biggest health trends identified.  WebMD

The ACSM report says “wellness coaching took the biggest jump from last year’s survey” when it jumped from No. 17 to No. 13 and defines wellness coaching as “integrating behavioral change science into health promotion, disease prevention and rehabilitation programs.”

Wellness coaching often uses a one-on-one approach similar to a personal trainer, with the coach providing support, guidance and encouragement.  The wellness coach focuses on the client’s values, needs, vision and goals.”

And catch this, buried deep inside the scurrilous ObamaCare – The National Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act (HR 3590 Sec. 4001) ACTUALLY recommends health and wellness coaches as an integral part of a new health care team approach.  MUIH

The eBodyFUSION Wellness Coaching is designed to:

+ Condition and discipline the body, the mind and the heart

Get clarity and passion to embrace your life purpose

+ Create fresh perspectives on personal challenges

The more you go to the edge of your limits the more your limits will expand

+ Develop self-awareness

Respond to challenges with confidence

+ Increase your confidence

Builds greater ownership, responsibility and accountability

+ Increased openness boosts personal development

Change your mindset from self defeating programs

+ Greater interpersonal effectiveness

Quickly identify solutions for family, work or personal issues

+ and the finer points of wellness coaching for long-term lifestyle improvement

The August eBodyFUSION Hangout tells you about the eBodyFUSION Wellness Coaching and  how it has impacted the lives of others.

Index to Wellness Coaching Hangout content:

3:00 and the benefits of getting off the medical treadmill
4:00 mind body connection
7:00 whats good for gold medalists is good enough for you
11:00 housekeeping
16:00 who is wellness coaching for?
18:00 6 month personal exercise update – exceeded expectations part 1
24:00 nutrition scams and how to avoid them
28:00 ultimate wellness goals beyond solving your pain, boosting your energy and rejuvenation
32:00 succeed and keep your life simple
34:00 cross roads of choices
37:00 commitment beyond freedom
40:00 clearing all doubts, shadows and addictions
42:00 lets recreate your wellness
44:00 take inventory
45:00 limited availability
48:00 secret Russian technology
50:00 case studies
52:00 6 month personal vertebra update – exceeded expectations part 2
58:00 whiteboard sanity
60:00 eBodyFUSION wellness coaching application

So, are you stressed and in pain and ready to get the benefits of the eBodyFUSION Wellness Coaching so that you can reach new levels of wellness in all areas in your life?
If so click here and see if we are a good fit.

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