Illustrating how the Acupuncture probe can be used with the DENAS PCM 6 to support a squashed toe injury.  I had numbed the toe first for 10 minutes so I could put some pressure on it and then plugged in the probe to get a more concentrated beam of electricity in and around the injury.

Squashed Toe with DENAS PCM 6 and the Acupuncture probe!

This is a first aid situation where I had dropped the leg of a heavy metal chair onto the toe before my Ukulele class.  I only got to work on it about 6 hours later and it had been throbbing away and on the drive home, it started to really hurt.

The area was way too sensitive to touch initially and there is a trick of wetting the skin to make the contact with the electrode more easy to apply so I could use a very light touch.  I numbed the area first with the DENAS PCM 6 (no AC probe) for 10 minutes in this manner (I’ll show you that in a follow-up post).

The DENAS PCM 6 has a quick start setting for pain “Trauma” that could have been used, but there are better settings to use.  I could not have used the AC probe, to begin with, because the pain was too high, so it is best to numb it down and then us the probe.

If you just get one attachment this is the first one to get, then the pad set, reflex and last the massage set.

That night the toe was throbbing as the electricity leaked around the toe to balance out the energy, the next day I supported the toe with the reflexo pad and direct application for about 1 hour.  Three days later it still does not hurt to light touch, the nail is 60% blue and maybe I’ll lose it.

DENAS PCM 6 for Pain and Injuries

This is an interesting usage of DENAS PCM 6 if you are looking for instant pain relief from everyday activities or injuries. In my case, I hurt my toes when and my foot was hard on a tiled concrete floor and a conference chair with metal legs fell over. I am not happy with my injury but I am grateful to have this opportunity to share this experience with you and alongside show you how to use DENAS PCM 6 under this kind of incidence.

The key here matches the pain with that you are feeling with the electrical current. In this case, use 200 Hz instead of the 77 Hz. This will enable to kill off any pathogens that may occur due to the accident.

Especially if you have lesions/wounds, pathogens can easily go into your bloodstream and complicate your situation. What you need to do is put the DENAS PCM 6 on the affected wounded area and brush the area using 200 Hz, just to equalize the pain level. You need to do this within 24 hours so as to avoid any pathogens from becoming systemic and avoid any nasty bacterial infection on your open wound.

Learn more about DENAS PCM 6

DENAS PCM 6 is microcurrent device for pain management and better health. Become your own doctor! It uses the method of dynamic electro neuroadaptive stimulation, known as “SCENAR”. It is an effective therapy for acute respiratory diseases (cold, tonsillitis etc), headache, toothache, menstrual pain, muscle and joint pain, as neck pain, back pain, and many other diseases. The DENAS PCM 6 device alleviates inflammation, edema and promotes healing of wounds, fractures, and burns.

The 24 Automated Treatment Programs in the DENAS PCM 6

1. Allergy Program

2. Pain Program

3. Intense Pain Program

4. Dystonia Program

5. Bloating Program

6. Gynecological Pain Program

7. Gynecology Program

8. Hypertension Program

9. Hypotonia Program

10. Head Program

11. Throat Program

12. Diarrhea Program

13. Abdominal Pain Program

14. Constipation Program

15. Cough Program

16. Muscles Program

17. Cold Program

18. Potency Program

19. Kidneys Program

20. Neck and Back Program

21. Joints Program

22. Nausea Program

23. Trauma Program

24. Asphyxia Program

Give it a try next time you have intense pain somewhere!

To know more about the benefits of using DENAS PCM 6, fill out your personalized health assessment report here.