This video was posted 12/3/14 about softening scar tissue with one of the Avazzia devices (could be any SCENAR device) and in this post I want to tell you exactly how electricity softens scar tissue.

Back in 2006 I was invited to keynote and present at a healing conference in El Salvador.   I had never been to central America and I was excited to do presentations on sound healing and the SCENAR.  After the conference I had private sessions and a workshop for doctors and health professionals.

During a private session with a female client she mentioned that she had terrible pain from a cesarean section a few years before.  I asked her to twist slightly to locate the pain, tracked the pain with the SCENAR device in default settings and comfortable power levels.  Afterwards the pain was gone and no matter which way she twisted she was pain free.

  • To find scar tissue you feel the knotty or rope like threads of hard tissue
  • Older “ropier” scar tissue takes longer to soften – so get on it ASAP
  • The more recent the quicker it softens
  • And it works for knotted muscles like carpel tunnel too.

So, the question is how does the scar tissue soften?

It wasn’t until a few years later after testing different settings I created a model hopefully to explain how it happened.

  1. Firstly I noticed that higher frequencies softened the scar tissue faster
  2. Made it easier and less painful to physical manipulation
  3. And the higher frequencies numbed the pain quicker
  4. Once softened it stays softer, more elastic – and more quickly with the massage set
  5. Yoga, stretching. exercise and hours of SCENAR for stubborn cases – use the pads set

The microcurrent biofeedback wobbles the scar tissue proteins, the higher frequencies work quicker.

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