Do you know about Microcurrent Therapy and the DENAS PCM 6? This and more exciting updates are in store for you in eBodyFUSION November VideoLetter.

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This November at eBodyFUSION, learn more about Microcurrent therapy, T Archives, FB Wellness Group, how one client this month only took 12 days to relief, Grounding, FSM, Serrapeptase, DENAS PCM 6 Training

microcurrentMicrocurrent therapy, like microcurrent facial, became extremely popular among women, thanks to Hollywood celebrities who had been advertising it. High-end spas are charging thousands of dollars and promising youthful skin to those who are using microcurrent therapy for anti-aging and facial treatments. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Microcurrent therapy does more and it will benefit you to know its history, the different types of current used and what types of diseases can be addressed by microcurrent. Discover microcurrent therapy here.

eBodyFUSION T Archives

Two Year Study Proves How You Can Optimize Your Wellness  – Even When Using A Simple Two Speed SCENAR DENAS Device Which Everybody Else Thought Was The “Black Sheep” Of The SCENAR Family

We have compiled a two-year research and analysis of how electricity affects the body and we learned that even the most simple microcurrent device can do wonderful healing.  To know more about how we arrived at such a profound understanding of microcurrent application strategies and the benefits of microcurrent, sign in and download your free teleconference.  Download here.

eBodyFUSION Book Reviews: Earthing Therapy

Earth TherapyI have been using grounding sheets for weeks now and the results are just astounding!  My partner had been using it longer that I had been and she has been raving about its tremendous health benefits, because she is now no longer cold. One of our elite coaching clients, also ordered her grounding sheet and she is just ecstatic that it helped her sleep better. Know more about earthing therapy in our book review. Click here.


The resonance effect - frequency Specific MicrocurrentFrequency Specific Microcurrent

Carolyn McMakin is one ardent microcurrent electrotherapy researcher and this book review is intended to help readers understand the power of electricity. Her focus is on frequency specific microcurrent. With some form of electrotherapy having been around for thousands of years before being disavowed in the West in the 1920’s in favor of pharmaceuticals, the notion of using specific frequencies for specific ailments is very compelling.

“All science starts with observation”, she says. All this, she says, she had to” figure out, it was all trial and error and it took time.” She credits a lot of her findings to an inner quiet voice, calling it “the sock puppet voice in my ear”. Learning to follow that inner voice she says,”I learned that if a frequency was correct, it changed the tissue in seconds….The frequency had to match the condition and the tissue.” Learn more about McMakin’s discussion of frequency specific microcurrent. In case you missed the book review, you can click here.

DENAS PCM 6 injury squashed toeI just want to share this amazing story from one of our DENAS PCM 6 Microcurrent Ninja members who joined us in October and his healing journey is just remarkable.  He severe neck injuries that kept him awake every night are not a problem anymore and he sleeps like a baby all in just 12 days.

Give me 6 minutes and I’ll Quickly Share My 3 BIGGEST Microcurrent Secrets video that took me 15 years to research so you can quickly learn how and why microcurrent and the DENAS PCM 6:

Rejuvenates – tissues and even organs

Solves Chronic Pain – and the underlying causes

Boosts Your Energy – even when you have none

Start your journey and learn about our eBodyFUSION Training and Coaching for the DENAS PCM 6 – click here.

Are you already using serrapeptase? If not, you might want to take a look at some testimonials about serrapeptase. Know the best serrapeptase dosage for you and how cancer patients can benefit from using serrapeptase. Click here.

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