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SCENAR Therapy - eBodyFUSION T Archives

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George was a veteran client.  He was poisoned with thallium, he should be dead, maybe you remember hearing about it.  Anyway thanks to SCENAR therapy he is still very much alive and healthy.  Back in 2006, I think it was, George recommended a new hand held SCENAR device for pain relief from a Russian company called the “DENAS”.  Recently I discovered it was designed by non other than Dr Alexander Karasev, the original inventor of all the SCENAR devices.  The DENAS SCENAR was called the “black sheep” because it “only” had two speeds, slow and fast.

But they were so wrong to call the DENAS the “black sheep”, was it a conspiracy to hide this medical technology?

For 2+ years we tested the simplest of SCENAR devices – the so called “black sheep” DENAS SCENAR – to discover if it could live up to the 88.25% cure rate  SCENAR therapy results usually attributed to the professional models costing thousands.  Prior to marketing the DENAS SCENAR device I tested it for six months on myself and my local clients. It worked amazingly well, in fact as well as any SCENAR therapy device.

That raised a lot of questions in my engineering brain so I set out on a quest to find out why it works so well.

Over the next two+ years, I collected and compiled over 450 pages of transcripts and over 50 hours of mp3 recording of teleconferences coaching and best practices with clients with many different problems.  From paralysis to chronic pain, from bedridden with lymes to carpel tunnel, from digestive issues to cancelled joint replacements.

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Some of the topics you can explore

  • Brush and Dose SCENAR rules smashed toes cats: 02-05-07
  • Brush stickiness Loudness: 03-19-07
  • Brushing Dosing Vectors Timing: 04-23-07
  • Asthma vs pain dose vs brush chronic vs acute: 9-24-07
  • Brushing dosing elbow neck back: 10-15-07
  • Brushing times Little Wings follow up: 10-28 -07
  • Fungus MMS Salt and vitamin-C Rife vs Soft Laser new developments: 5-3-09
  • Acupuncture probe techniques face neck back pelvis
  • Acute vs Chronic Itching eye protocol, Applications for wounds and using MMS
  • Lymes update fungus multiple SCENARs online training seizure: 3-29-09
  • Fungus Neurotoxins Neuropathy Lugols Cleaning Diabetes Staph MMS torn shoulder hands lungs: 3-22-09
  • Shoulder pain Little Wings DiadensT settings techniques frequencies Fungus pathogens Lyme-updates glutathione coconut butter comb prob 30-day training Tinnitus update: 3-15-09
  • Brushing and dosing dynamics TENS vs SCENAR chronic problems
  • Tooth infection full-body pain DiadensT uses single pathway six-points Raynauds feet system-support detox MED definition: 3-1-09
  • Brushing Heart dose vs brush feet and MMS: 6-15-08
  • Brushing and Dosing Base Cell Cancer Scars Cyst Ribs and Heart: 6-8-08 Pt1
  • Case studies locked jaw 21 Questions Lyme Pathogens Cancers DiadensT-applications MMS DMSO: 6-14-09
  • Brushing and Dosing Base Cell Cancer Scars Cyst Ribs and Heart: 6-8-08 Pt2
  • Dose-first referral Poison-oak MMS Nano-C Root canal Rejuvenation Diadens T functions 6-point evaluations lyme updates skin cancer: 6-7-09
  • Beginning SCENAR and SCENAR Master antioxidant: 11-9-08
  • Dermatology and colon, knee-pain, back-pain, voice-patterns, Diadens applications blood pressure: 7-5-09
  • Brushing vs Dose times, feet, mood change
  • Asymmetries lung infection, Effect on aura, Yoga, lower back Tinnitus Elbow, abdomen, self-diagnosis, Arthritis, Reduction knee hip pain, Travel, Varicose-spider-veins, Quietness, Poison-oak, MMS: 1-18-09
  • Cosmetology, Lymes update, SCENAR-in-hand, oils and lubes, poison oak, hands and feet, eye treatment, paralysis update smiles, MMS
  • Brushing and dosing dynamics TENS vs SCENAR chronic problems
  • Dosing Rules, Tinnitus breakthrough, knee pain, sinus drainage, coconut butter, stimulating bottoms of feet, healing crisis, asthma: 2-15-09
  • Brushing, Heart, dose vs brush feet, and MMS: 6-15-08
  • Dosing Rules, Genitalia, Diabetic Neuropathy, Goggles update, Session Protocols, Tinnitus update, spider bites: 02-08-09
  • Andrea first week case history, bone fracture pain, shoulder and neck-pain, sleep disorder, pathogens and heat in Bikram yoga, biofilms explained: 6-21-09
  • Special Lyme disease updates, MMS, Fungus breakthrough, Diadens T, SCENAR RITM vs ENART 911 review: 5-10-09
  • Lymes update, fungus, multiple SCENARs, online training, seizures breakthrough: 3-29-09

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