medical treadmill microcurrent therapyVisionary, and Microcurrent Expert Benedick Howard and how to change the face of medicine

Benedick Howard, is a Wellness Coach expert who empowers motivated clients – those who have grown tired of the deadly medical treadmill – to regain their health through the application of his wellness, pain-busting wellness coaching.

His cutting edge microcurrent therapy system uses technologies that enable clients to quickly and competently manage complicated health issues at home.  He is a visionary changing the face of medicine and has been featured internationally on PBS and British TV.
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For more than four decades, Benedick Howard honed his skills in healing modalities and discovered the real and lasting health benefits of the various application strategies of microcurrent in order to solve pain, boost energy and rejuvenate the body naturally. In this interview, Benedick shared his life story and how SCENAR technology changed his life for the best. Finally, learn how you can also achieve these best results using microcurrent therapy.

Childhood injury and lack of medical solution

At the age of 14, Benedick sustained a terrible injury after a block of a partially standing wall fell on his head. Since then, he lived with chronic pain. Doctors suggested surgery but with no guaranteed results. He could not run. As the pain progressed over the years, he also developed asthma, lower back pain, frozen upper back.

While no medical solution was offered to him, he knew that one way or another he would find a way to live out of the pain and get back his life so he could do the things he wants.

Early days as an engineer

Professionally speaking, Benedick is an engineer. He spent several years working for big corporations. As a development engineer for GE, he created patents to help mine out ore quickly. Armed with his out-of-the-box thinking, Benedick soon realized that the corporate world was not meant for him.

He soon went to South Africa and traveled extensively. He met various tribes like the Dogon and Ituri pygmies. The impact of this travel ingrained a change in his mindset.

Understanding the essence of healing

When he returned to the United States in 1987, developing stress and pain management sound healing environments in an attempt to resolve his sometimes excruciating neck and back pain. These powerful musical massage platforms went worldwide after he designed and implemented training methods for a wide range of psycho-physical activation and awareness. They were also very helpful for managing his pain levels, but sometimes as with other therapies like acupuncture and chiropractic work, it did not completely resolve the underlying causes.

Becoming a microcurrent therapy expert in SCENAR technology

In 2002, Benedick discovered SCENAR (Self Controlled Electrical Neuro Adaptive Regulation). SCENAR utilizes microcurrent biofeedback that adapts and regulates electrical frequencies to the skin. Later on, he trained to the Master’s level with Professor Revenko and helped many clients. He amassed more than 1,500 pages of teleconferences discussing application strategies and techniques to fully maximize the potential of the simplest microcurrent device. He also appeared on national TV, in front of 8 million people, demonstrating sound healing and SCENAR work.

Today, Benedick continues to get the message out about SCENAR microcurrent therapy. He offers beginner, intermediate, advanced and master level wellness training using the latest microcurrent techniques and application strategies.

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