With special guest Chris Hoffman talks about his Chinese client who won 3 gold medals in 2014 Russian games and the use of DENAS PCM sports injury treatment using microcurrent with his clients.

“It’s a fantastic tool”!

May 2016 Topics:

  • The 5th Secret of the “7 Healing Secrets of Electricity” revealed: Cell Membrane and how electricity from microcurrent therapy  charges the body like a AA battery.
    Learn how microcurrent stimulates your body to naturally heal itself, by charging low energy areas with electricity.
  • Clinical Studies – Diseases of Respiratory System
  • Wellness Coaching tips on Nutrition, Exercise and Motivation to enhance your life to quickly get off the medical hamster wheel and solve your pain, boost your energy and rejuvenate, at home or at work.
  • Emotions and lower back pain
  • eBodyFUSION Assessments

00:05 Make 2016 the Year to Get Really Healthy
00:07 Topics
00:10 Are you on the fence?
00:12 Motivation and Medical Treadmill
00:14 Nutrition considerations
00:17 Repetition
00:20 Exercise – Success
00:21 So if you have back pain, shoulder pain etc
00:24 2016 Hangout topics review
00:25 Diseases of the respiration
00:31 Vertebra
00:34 Special guest Chris Hoffman Sports Coach to gold medalists
00:35 Microcurrent recovery rates
00:38 High performance athlete recovery wins 3 gold
00:45 DENAS speeds up healing when combined with nutrition and exercise
00:46 Cell membrane concepts – life force is dependent on membrane voltage
00:48 Nanites and junk oils etc
00:56 Dr Karasev on GMO and denaturing with electricity
00:58 Why microcurrent is hidden
00:59 Take your power back
01:00 Personal emotional releasing
01:03 Assessment reviews
01:06 Disclaimer not medical advice and power of name
01:12 Properties of electricity: solves pain, boosts energy and rejuvenates
01:13 Hawaii retreat: interested?
01:15 Coming up next month
01:18 Expert training since 2008

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