Interview with Tazz and Paula – Changing the Face of Medicine

“Benedick Howard is known internationally online as a High-Tech Shaman who is definitely the forerunner in pain-busting technology. He’s been featured on British TV and PBS. He’s the finest mentoring instructor around from personal experience.”

So, how did I go from a nobody to someone folks all over the world turn to for advice? Here’s how: I struggled with chronic pain for decades from the age of 14. Back in 1996, my father was demolishing a small outbuilding on the farm in England and he had told me not to go there. I climbed over the rubble to take a look and out of nowhere a block from the partially standing wall fell on my head. I saw stars and fell unconscious cutting my knees in an instant my life was changed. I came to with blood pouring down my face. I stumbled into the farmhouse, my mother’s face turned white as she got out the disinfectant and began to clean me up. All she could say was “Your Dad told you not to go there”, because of my injuries I did not get a whipping, not that time anyway.

The pain in my neck hurt bad for weeks, I could not run anymore. The doctors suggested surgery, but could not guarantee any results. I refused.

Living in pain for years

Over the years the pain got worse, I had dizzy fits, developed asthma and in my 20’s and 30’s my lower back pain and frozen upper back got worse, the onslaughts of pain more debilitating. I learned to live with pain, yet deep inside I knew from within and my dreams that there had to be a solution (despite the doctors naysaying) and I set out on a journey to do the impossible … My dreams have been a source of inspiration for me and showed me how to think out of the box.

As a development engineer for GE, I helped create a couple of patents, but the corporatized world was not for me. I’d rather be poor than pay taxes that are used to make war and kill people. I remember the day when everything changed for me. In March 1982 I discovered Yoga and took weekly classes with an understanding instructor who nurtured me and I trusted her.

Little by little I learned how to stretch my tight seized up muscles. It was incredibly painful to stretch and despite the pain, I stuck with it and was beginning to become more flexible. Then after 5 1/2 months, my yoga teacher went to India, never to return. I tried another class (there was not much choice in Toronto in the 80’s), I did not have the rapport with the instructor and I ended up flat on my back for a week.

Early wellness coaching days

In 1987 using my engineering skills and from dreams I invented a sound healing device that really helped manage the pain, but if I did anything too physical it would bite me in the back. However, from my earlier yoga experience, I had seen a window of opportunity that would open up again years later in Los Angeles in 1999.

Meantime I was on still on a path of at times the massive pain, feeling irritable and incapacitated and of little worth to the world. I was stressed and in an unhealthy relationship and my ex-God bless her suggested I try out an Ashtanga yoga studio on Sunset Boulevard close to where we lived.

For 6 months I went 6 days a week. I explained to the instructor Noah what was going on for me and he skillfully nurtured me over the months into the demanding Ashtanga sequence. It was simply amazing. I started running again but around the five-month mark, I kept getting the message to quit for a while. I was energetically depleted and addicted to the dopamines.

One day I came out of the studio a little dazed, walked to the crosswalk and began to cross the street. Then all hell let loose. Screeching tires, billowing acrid smoke and one of cars side swept me. I fell, bruised and scraped but OK. Another cosmic 2×4 lesson. I got up brushed myself off and feeling embarrassed ran shaking to my home and used the sound healing device to calm my nerves.

SCENAR Wellness Coaching

I occasionally did my practice until I moved to London (were I was introduced to SCENAR in a pub and later trained to the Master’s level with Professor Revenko and helped many clients, was on live TV in front of 8 million people with the sound healing a SCENAR work) and continued my 6 days a week in the amazing spacious Ashtanga studios before returning to Hawaii in 2003.

It was during my years of practice in Hawaii that a whole new level of pain surfaced one day out of the blue Thanks to this journey, I discovered One morning I woke up alone and unable to move. I could not get out bed.

Desperate, that is when I intuited a new SCENAR application strategy that finally worked to prove that the doctors were wrong, my chronic pain was curable. You see the Yoga was stretching deeper into my body. I tested this strategy when the opportunity happened for years with other clients and in weekly teleconference training sessions, so I knew we were onto something BIG. Later I ripped one of the intertransversal muscles deep in my lumber, within hours my sciatica hurt so much I could barely walk. Using the data I had collected over the years I modified my earlier discovery to heal the torn muscles in a remarkable 12 days.  For a more detailed case study and testimonials on how microcurrent therapy works, access this free teleconference copy here.

Most importantly: I finally knew how to reverse my chronic pain after 40 plus years.

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