SCENAR Master practitioner and trainer with 12 years experience with all the SCENARs on the market (RITM, ENART, DENAS MS etc) is “back in the saddle” explaining how the SCENAR works and how to work it for all sorts of pain and more.
Revealing secrets of the effects of electrons on the body – like electrons as anti-oxidants – never before publicly revealed outside his eBodyFUSION training members – he shares how he used the DiaDENS T to turn off third degree pain control and achieve a ZERO scaring in 12 days.
SCENAR is well know for astounding pain management and was developed in Russia by Dr Karasev in the 1980s.  In clinical trials they achieved 88.50% cure rates on 18,255 people over all the disease groups.
Also, Benedick shows some of the electrodes available and introduces you to the benefits of his training and mentoring.
Later he introduces the new DiaDENS PCM settings.

Added September 3rd 2013
Which is Best?
Every device works great. Even the ZooDENS, and I use it a lot myself.
But, you need to consider what your needs are and how much you want to spend.   Are you going to use it in a professional environment or with family and friends?   Can you reach trouble areas if not the electrode accessories are a must?

Now the “best” devices are COMPLICATED to use all the features that takes a lot of practice, like the ENART 911 or Avazzia Pro Sport.
All of the DENAS line are excellent value especially the DiaDENS T and DiaDENS PCM.  The DENAS line of electrodes are the best of any manufacturer.

The AVAZZIA units made in the US are available by subscription from your Dr, but they are not very appealing to look at but with a script you cannot go wrong, see my Avazzia unboxing video.