Growing up in England the dentist systematically drilled out most of my rear teeth and filled them with mercury.  For most of my adult life I have been taking care of dental health myself as best I can, but quite effectively.

To prevent bacterial buildup I regularly use my HydroFloss to flush out all the cavities and it makes a huge difference.  Last year I learned how to control massive tooth pain with the ENART 907 mainly, but I tested the Avazzia and DENAS lines at the same time.

And late last week the pain flared up and this time I used sodium chlorate / acetic acid (Miracle Mineral Solution) mix to systemically knock out the pathogen caused pain.  It worked much faster than the expected and reduced the pain from 7-8 to 1-2 after 3 doses at 60-minute intervals.  In particular, I found that gassing the painful cheek with chlorine gas for 30 seconds was highly effective.

Because our bodies become heavily compromised by high pain levels I also had the 3 pathways done on me to balance out the other systems and help me relax.  I felt much much better very quickly and am repeating the protocol daily MMS every few hours and the 3 pathways.

Below is a link to an interesting article on Multiple Sclerosis 2012 and teeth to help understand what is going on.

SNIP “Robert Gammal BDS  November 2012  Why would I, a dentist be writing about MS.  Multiple Sclerosis, we are told, is a disease which has ‘no known cause’ and ‘no known treatment’ and is in the medical rather than dental domain. The answer is that I have been fortunate enough to see a number of spontaneous remissions of this disease following a dental intervention.  (Note – I am not offering a magic bullet.  I have also seen many MS cases that did not resolve.).

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