SCENAR vs TENS.  There are several different forms of electrotherapy; these include interferential therapy, self-controlled electrical neuro adaptive regulation (SCENAR), transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), DENAS, and muscle stimulation. These devices are sought for their acute and chronic pain management solutions.

The SCENAR vs TENS comparative analysis raises an important insight in the field electrotherapy, specifically under the microcurrent category. Electrotherapy or the use of small electrical impulses to repair tissue, stimulate muscles and increase sensations and muscle strength has been a preferred noninvasive treatment option for people who are suffering from chronic pain and recovering from injuries and surgeries.  If we compare SCENAR vs TENS the results appear very similar so really which is best?



What is SCENAR?

The SCENAR employs a highly sophisticated computer software program that automatically senses and measures the electrical activity of the body (skin impedance) and then delivers a Measured Dose of complex electrical waveforms and frequencies directly to the skin in order to correct any imbalances. These pulses contain numerous random features to prevent the body from adapting to the stimulation.

These electrical impulses mimic the electrical discharges of the nervous system and instruct the brain and body to generate specific neuropeptides, the key chemicals used by the body to heal itself.   Proper communication between the brain and the affected part is restored and rapid healing may then be possible.  The SCENAR evolves a new signal pattern for the disordered tissues, the machine literally entering into an informal dialogue with the body.

New frequencies and energy patterns are established, which in turn become fresh input signals, to be further modified, and so on.   This output‐equals new input is much the way that fractals are generated.     On the premise that disease signals are generally fixed and unnatural,  anything,  which breaks up the existing order,  has the capability of restoring the normal equilibrium.

SCENAR vs TENS device and sticky pads

What is TENS?

TENS units are mainly used to provide temporary relief from pain.   Electroacupuncture instruments have a broader range of application, but they lack any biofeedback capability.

SCENAR vs TENS: Identifying the differences

SCENAR – Self Controlled Electrical Neuro Adaptive Regulation

SCENAR devices are FDA-cleared for symptomatic relief and management of chronic, intractable pain and adjunctive treatment in the management of post surgical and post traumatic pain.

Treatment and has been shown in most cases to permanently resolve pain

Waveform are designed to prevent habituation and accommodation for more effective pain management

SCENAR devices have high intensity, burst pulses and very low microcurrent for increased stimulation of neuropeptides

Current range: Microamps (10-6 microamps)

TENS  –  Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Simulation

Effectiveness often ends when treatment stops

User’s body often “gets used” to TENS stimuli. Effectiveness wanes off or eliminated after prolonged use

Low intensity, long duration pulses, higher current

Ampere range: Milliamps (10-3amps

Inexpensive from $40 with lots of 5 star reviews on Amazon

Messy sticky pads that have to be replaced


SCENAR:  Utilizes a unique waveform.  Pulsed, damped, sinusoidal and skin‐impedance sensitive.  High amplitude and very short pulse width of the waveform prevents accommodation’ by the body.   No two waveforms are the same.

TENS:   Waveforms are typically square, spiked or sine, and are repetitive.   No biofeedback,   so no detection of changed tissue impedance.

SCENAR:  Dynamic therapy. The device is moved over the skin in order to specifically find optimal treatment areas/points.

TENS:   Passive therapy.  Treatment is non‐specific.   Electrodes – usually gelled pads adhere to the skin.

SCENAR:   Unique and specific treatment process.  The unique SCENAR waveform uses biofeedback to detect areas of optimal treatment. SCENAR is applied directly to the skin without the use of pads or gels.  This allows the operator to assess the impedance of the skin to identify and target optimal treatment points.

TENS:   Non‐specific treatment.    No biofeedback so no detection of changes in skin impedance.

SCENAR: The device is expensive. You pay a premium for the effectiveness and the long-term benefits of using microcurrent and its dynamic therapeutic properties.

TENS: It’s way cheaper than SCENAR. However, you will soon find out that the effects are as good as its price.

SCENAR vs TENS: Which is the best?

SCENAR’s inventors, Dr. A. Karasev quickly grew frustrated with the limitations of SCENAR vs TENS and wanted to go beyond just temporarily blocking pain (for which TENS machines can be effective even for childbirth).

SCENAR is far more sophisticated: to every response received from the body (through changes in skin impedance), the SCENAR replies with a different signal. Combined with the various modes and protocols used in SCENAR therapy, this makes it difficult for the body to adapt and slip back into negative “equilibrium.”

By going to the root of the problem, SCENAR is able to give deep, long-lasting relief.

… many top sports people, actors, singers, dancers, and musicians have used SCENAR.  These are usually people who can afford to be very selective, and they choose SCENAR based on its reputation for getting fast results or results where other therapies have failed. SCENAR’s growing use in sports and the performing arts has not been a passing  “therapy of the month” fad;  it has happened in the U.K. and Australia gradually over the past 10 years.

These include tennis champion Maria Sharapova, the Chelsea, Real Madrid and AC Milan football teams, many members of the England rugby team, various top American Football players, and several Formula 1 racing drivers.

The top Russian SCENAR therapy sites have thanked you photos from George Clooney, Russell Crowe, Sir Paul McCartney, Princess Michael of Kent,  Olympic snowboarding gold medal winner Torah Bright, and world surfing champion  Layne Beachley.

And one of the top SCENAR therapists in New York (Shmuel Tatz) has testimonials from Kathleen Turner, Lou Reed, Yehudi Menuhin, Isaac Stern, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Alexandra Danilova, Mstislav Rostropovich and other top actors, ballet dancers, and musicians.

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