It appears that NASA no less is entering the SCENAR type market by producing similar devices for use in space!

Well that s great news, because the more competitors the better they will get at their marketing and the rewards of this microcurrent biofeedback therapy will be available to more people.

“The Russian Federal Space Agency (RKA) has already created technology that performs a similar job to GRoK Technologies’ Scionic concept.  Called Scenar, the device uses a mild electrical signal that’s placed over a person’s skin on areas of pain.  Dermal nerve receptors in the skin send these signals through the central nervous system to the brain.  The brain reacts by releasing neuropeptides – natural healing and regulatory substances, including some of the strongest known painkillers such as endorphins.  It differs from TENS machines, because it encourages the body to heal itself, whereas TENS uses electrical signals to temporarily block pain signals from reaching the brain.”

There are some intriguing new claims about this technology, so read the full article from the Daily Mail.

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