Read the 1 - 10 CAREFULLY so you get the correct value!

1 totally organic with lots of salads and green drinks - 10 fast food GMOs - meats
1 workout, run or yoga 120 minutes plus per day - 10 less than 15 minutes daily
1 less than 1 year - 10 over 10 years
1 excellent energy levels - 10 low
1 need to learn more - 5 newbie
Are you a health care professional?


  • Ellie

    Reply Reply July 12, 2015

    Also, is there a “Consumer Reports” or similar comparison regarding the various Ritmscenar/Scenar devices?
    I need some guidance.

    • ebodyfusion

      Reply Reply July 12, 2015

      Hey Ellie,

      It’s rather like choosing a car. They all get you from A to B. It really depends on your driving preferences and skills. Front wheel drive, all wheel drive etc, what color, what social impact do you want to make.

      However, in the SCENAR world there are way fewer options, and all devices work exceedingly well.

      Bottom line is what conditions do you need to address and where are you going to get coached through those conditions and learn from expert mentors to create the wellness you desire.

      Over the years most people who don’t get the support get the results initially and then they get confused, and their device ends on the shelf.

      A few wise folks recognize my world expertise, and dive in fast, and get outstanding results by understanding what they are doing for all sorts of conditions.

      Those are the lucky ones.

      If you want expert answers …
      Click here and get my expert advice.

      It all boils down to what do you want to achieve, trusting your initial impressions as your potential mentor and if we feel it is a good fit we can proceed.

      As for Consumer Reports or reviews I have a few on youtube and signup for my monthly Graduation Hangouts with my clients that represents the best up to date testimony.

      It not about the vehicle, it’s about how skilled you are at driving it and your commitment to your best health and vibrant lifestyle. Which is most important, right?

      Julie, a pilot for Delta Airlines before she got laid off because of a chronic immune disease, has some strong insights about my training and coaching …

      “I am thrilled to have my PCM as part of my regular routine. It’s an amazing tool. There is no way I could have learned or understood how to use this without training. I look forward to learning more.”
      Julie 6-3-15

      Lynn a busy successful realtor shares:
      “I started the work with an essay of thoughts on how living with chronic pain was effecting my life and reread it a few days ago and it it clarified how far I had come. Particularly with restoring some of my previous drive and optimism.

      It makes the last few years of intense pain seem more a detour than a permanent destination.

      I am so pleased to have received the many, many benefits of the SCENAR. I look forward to learning more technique and applying it ongoing and long into the future. Why would you live without it?

      It has become a daily practice that is every bit as valuable as all of the most important self care strategies that we all undertake, be it mediation, exercise or food choices.”
      Lynn Davis 7-3-15

      There are so many more testimonials, some from folks that have taken the other SCENAR training and NOTHING stands the test of time that I offer.

      So, if you want expert answers …
      Click here and get my expert advice before my schedule get booked up.

  • betsy gibson

    Reply Reply September 27, 2016

    Dear Benedick, please can you let me know if your training includes Acuscan pro, which is the device I have and have never learned to use properly!
    I am an acupuncturist, so I am familiar with the channels etc. and I am very interested in your training as soon as I can commit time to do it properly, and take on the financial commitment.
    Also I have been reading Dr. Kondrot about healing cataracts with microcurrent and would like to know what you think about the that possibility. I have cataracts and I am avoiding surgery so far.
    Thank you, I’m wondering what Steiner school you went to, mine were at Kings Langley and we wwere deeply involved for many years.
    With regards Betsy Gibson

    • ebodyfusion

      Reply Reply September 27, 2016

      Hey Betsy,

      All SCENAR type devices work very similarly, including the Acuscan.

      At the beginning of the training we will identify the key Acuscan settings and map them to the setting descriptions in the PCM based training.

      And fill out the assessment if you need more info.



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