VIP Self Assessment

I have opened up my calendar for a VIP Group and 1-on-1 coaching to personally coach you to greater success in 2015.
I wish I could say that this is open to everyone, but it's not.  So if you feel like we could be  a good fit fill out the application form, I'll look it over and get back to you to arrange a time to talk.   Please, no tire kickers, but if you're serious about blowing past all obstacles and achieving the health and prosperity you deserve, then I am there for you 100%.

I've Made It As Easy As Possible

Would you like to know exactly how you can solve your pain, become re-energized, empowered and reconnected to your hopes and desires?

There's nothing more I love than exceptional results, so I'd love to help you!

This application is simply designed to help me understand if you'd be able to apply the strategies that has made my clients free of pain, rejuvenated and empowered to recreate the life of their dreams. (If I can't help I'll simply let you know).

I have coached clients to get off the deadly medical treadmill, free of pain and disease, naturally and non invasively in a few months.  I'd love to show you how to do the same.

I am very selective about who I coach and if I feel that you are a good fit, I will respond to schedule a time to talk to you.  Heads up, my VIP coaching is not inexpensive, but you will achieve big goals by following your dreams.

If this works for you I'll set up a complimentary 1-on-1 consult where I’ll help you figure out what you need to do to get pain free.

Please note that not all applications will be accepted so please complete the application fully.

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Choose from the drop down menu. We will use this scale throughout the training.
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Use the same pain levels as above
Use the same pain levels as above
Examples: Less Pain, More energy, Better Sleep, Improved Digestion, Better Mood, More Play, More Exercise, GMO diet, Organic foods, Zero Salt, Get off Meds, More time with Family, Get out more, Clean out closet, Improved Fitness, Better Self Care etc. >>>> Allow 10 seconds for the form to process after you press Submit.
Medical, personal development, etc
What do you really want to achieve in your life?

What You Will Get With My VIP Coaching

  • Fresh perspectives on personal challenges

    The more you go to the edge of your limits the more your limits will expand

  • Increased openness boosts personal development

    Change your mindset from self defeating programs

  • Greater interpersonal effectiveness

    Quickly identify solutions for family, work or personal issues

  • Increased confidence

    Builds greater ownership, responsibility and accountability

  • Develop self-awareness

    Respond to challenges with confidence

  • Condition and discipline the body, the mind and the heart

    Get clarity and passion to embrace your life purpose