VERTEBRA Study Group

Initial Assessment

Make 2017 THE Year 
To Get Really Healthy

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Choose from the drop down menu. We will use this scale throughout the training.
1 is low, 10 is lots!
1 is low energy, 10 is lots!
Use the same pain levels as above
Use the same pain levels as above
Examples: Less Pain, More energy, Better Sleep, Improved Digestion, Better Mood, More Play, More Exercise, GMO diet, Organic foods, Zero Salt, Get off Meds, More time with Family, Get out more, Clean out closet, Improved Fitness, Better Self Care etc. >>>> Allow 10 seconds for the form to process after you press Submit. On the next page you can sign into the "Back Office" VERTEBRA Study Group training. Book mark the page. Check your email.
Remember “Success Loves Speed”. Take imperfect action, learn from your mistakes, rinse & repeat. It works when you work it!