ENART 907 is a multiple-purpose device, which offers the best of both SCENAR and PROLOGUE devices with upgradeable levels that can be unlocked (for a price) at a later date making it ideal for individual/family, semi-professional and professional use.

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Note: the above video is about the 911, but the details are similar, the 907 does not have a LED screen. The ENART 907 model comes in three user configurations that can be updated  to a more robust configuration (by the user purchasing an upgrade code that is put into the unit by the user).  This is fantastic because you can get up and running very economically.  This unit has no LED screen but the push button navigation is easy to use especially in the Level 0 and Level 1 settings.  The Professional Level 2 functions will take some practice and learning.

Review:  The ENART 907 represents the world’s most advanced electrical stim biofeedback device, and many years beyond the original SCENAR or later COSMODIC type devices.  The 907 is furnished with basic features of a professional device; easily adaptable to personal/family use.  By allowing the practitioner to adjust the first-phase pulse amplitude the ENART 907 can more effectively treat the whole range of issues with only one device. While the ENART 911 is the flagship device from ENART developed by specialists at CCC Invet independently without Doctor Karasev the ENART 907 is the less costly alternative, but still simply amazing:)

In 2008 and just before the original 911M launch (the predecessor of the 911) I had a lucid dream about a new ENART SCENAR which manifested a few months later as the 911M.  In the dream it had different ranges of frequency sweeps and superior what I call transverse “skinning”, but in actuality it was just one of many new features one which emulate previous popular ENART and SCENAR models by automatically adjusting the first phase voltage. I use a lot of different SCENARs in my practice and I love the 3 rail electrode option of the 907 and it surpasses the performance of the COMODIC SCENARs and RITM. So the 907 is an amazing unit especially for professionals and non professionals, and the various modes I talk about in the 911M video are good for any emergency imaginable, awesome power (if and when you need it), and so many programmable functions that you might get easily lost, but not with my videos and coaching! For the techies out there reading this the “engine” or chip in the 911 can emulates several SCENAR models by adjusting the first phase voltage, or how the loud the signal talks with various tissues.

Specifications: Here are the new settings that have been built into the ENART 907: 1.  ENART 907 is a multiple-purpose device, which offers the best of both SCENAR and PROLOGUE devices. 2.  This Device is adaptable to both individual/family and professional use. 3.  It is also ideal for the beginners as instructions are simple and the Device is quite user-friendly making it easy to operate. 4.  The ENART 907 can be set at three levels – level 0, level 1 and level 2. The L0 option is for home use, has 4 modes without the means for adjustment of the output pulse parameters, making it simple to use. The L1 option is a semiprofessional model, it has 8 modes with the means for adjustment of the output pulse parameters including the parameter of the First-Phase Pulse Amplitude. The L2 option is a professional model, it has 16 modes with the possibility of adjustment of parameters of the output pulse.

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About the first phase amplitude:

All regular Avazzia, SCENAR and DENAS devices the first-phase rectangular pulse amplitude remains unchanged, while the second-phase oscillating pulse amplitude varies in accordance with the body’s response to the influence of the device.

Many practitioners who use several different models of ENART, Scenar and Prologue devices have noticed that each particular model is most effective for different specific conditions.
For instance, some devices are more efficient in issue like musculoskeletal disorders while others are best used for internal organs; still others are more effective for treating diseases of the nervous system, etc.
The latest studies have shown that these specific healing effects are more dependent on the level of the first-phase pulse amplitude.
Each particular device model features its own specific level of the first-phase pulse amplitude, which ranges in value from 10V for some early models to 70V in some of the latest models.
Until now this level has always been a strictly specific factory setting that could not be adjusted by the practitioner.
Now, for the first time, with the ENART 907 device (levels L1 and L2), the practitioner can adjust the first-phase pulse amplitude within the range of 25V to 80V.
By allowing the practitioner to adjust the first-phase pulse amplitude the ENART 907 can more effectively address the whole range of diseases/injuries with only one device.
The customer/practitioner will now only have to buy one device to treat the whole range of diseases rather than having to buy different devices in order to address different specific diseases.

Basic Specifications:

Furnished with basic features of a professional device; easily adaptable to a simplified model for personal/family use.
Provides express analysis of the area being worked on.
Applies minimum energy level to use on supersensitive areas.

The new mode AMVar with the device ENART 907-L2 allows any user not only to appoint amplitude of the first phase of impulse, but also to set deviation of amplitude of the first phase of impulse in a necessary range, that is not present in any of similar devices.

• ENART 907 (L1 and L2) has the potential to decrease the power consumption and to increase the service life period of power batteries (ECONOM).

• ENART 907 (L1 and L2) has the capability to adjust Sensitivity of the device (SENS).

Function SENS (sensitivity) ensures the possibility to use the device on people with any type of skin, as well as on any parts of the body, whereas before at times it was impossible.

For instance, sometimes it is difficult for the device to track contact (on very dry or coarse skin), which makes work on such parts difficult.

In some cases in order to establish contact the user has to press the device very hard against the skin.

Or sometimes when applying the device onto a specific skin or very moist skin, the device tracks the contact with the skin even without touching it (in some distance away from it).

Now this problem is solved by means of adjustment of the parameter “SENSITIVITY”, which makes action of the device adequate in each particular case, substantially broadens capabilities of the practitioner.


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Money Back Guarantee
LET INVET ENART has a limited 18 month warranty against defect of material or workmanship
The warranty becomes invalid when:
More than 18 months have passed since purchase
Or if the unit was damaged because of misuse or improper use
Units are returned to Ukraine for repairs - 2 month turnaround

Returns, Refunds and Exchanges
None.  Special order only  3 - 4 weeks delivery.

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I feel the training program, esp. with all the videos, is a big selling point. Since I purchased my Electrical Energizer I have directed many friends to your site Benedick. When I talk to them about buying a device I always emphasize the great training that you provide.”

Dr David

The doctors diagnosed me with nerve impingement, bulging of discs and stenosis along my whole spine. Later I went back for a MRI and the doctors were amazed – “Wow your body is healing itself” to them they could not understand that.”


Herniated discs, had hard time turning my head, arm going dead, numb for years.  After a couple of sessions felt the difference immediately.  Gone diabetes sores from legs, arms and chest, no more itching, sleeping better.”


Everybody was giving me different advice for lower back, sciatica and neck.  Lots of pain keeping me up at night. I was miserable for six months.  Now, sleeping at night, minimal soreness.  After healing crisis feeling much better, now it’s really working.”


Thanks to the training I am able to do my stained glass art without having to endure the pain in my back and hands. Will treat my hands after working all day and will have no pain. Also, have arthritis in right shoulder, pain controlled by the Electrical Energizer. No longer use my allergy medicine, treat sinuses freq especially when I have symptoms.”


The trainings helped me to fully understand the basic principles of the Electrical Energizer. And especially the importance of the neuropeptides which motivated me to do the entire body.”


I have a chronic, autoimmune disease that manifests itself with many different pain syndromes – paresthesia, joint pain, back pain, muscle pain, numbness and pain in the hands and feet. Your training has been helpful with almost all of the above.”