Avazzia Pro Sport & accessories

Review: Avazzia PRO-SPORT is the top of the line professional hand held microcurrent machine for advanced non invasive pain management experts like  orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, atheletic coaches and trainers and any healthcare practitioners to eliminate a wide range of conditions like sorenes and pain.

The Avazzia Pro Sport is a professional effective “5 modes, 4 biofeedback modes, 19 advanced modes and programmable” micro-current biofeedback device running on 2 AA batteries with a port for plugging in the external electrodes.  A kit version is available with Y, brush and pencil electrodes.  Ideal for the professionals.  Reimbursable in the USA with most medical insurance carriers.

Free online instructional videos are available at www.AvazziaTraining.com

Avazzia Pro Sport + accessories

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Money Back Guarantee

Avazzia BEST Electrical Energizers are sold with a limited one-year warranty against defect of material or workmanship. Avazzia liability is limited to replacement or repair of product only, at manufacturer's discretion. Warranty term is 12 months from the date of purchase.  A receipt is necessary to validate warranty.

The warranty becomes invalid when:

More than one (1) year has passed since purchase. The unit was damaged or broken because of misuse or improper use. Rough handling: water or chemical damage, broken seal or case, shorting of electrodes, electrostatic shock damage, violent vibration, damaged accessory port

Returns, Refunds and Exchanges

Merchandise purchased for shipment to an address in the U.S. may be returned for credit or exchange within 30 days of purchase, subject to 10% restocking fees. Allow 14 days processing time once merchandise is shipped.

Customer is responsible for all shipping charges. If the return is the result of Avazzia's error, shipping charges will be refunded.

Restocking Fees

Returned electronic devices are subject to a 10 percent restocking fee.

Avazzia Pro Sport + accessories

“I feel the training program, esp. with all the videos, is a big selling point. Since I purchased my Electrical Energizer I have directed many friends to your site Benedick. When I talk to them about buying a device I always emphasize the great training that you provide.” Dr David

“The doctors diagnosed me with nerve impingement, bulging of discs and stenosis along my whole spine. Later I went back for a MRI and the doctors were amazed - "Wow your body is healing itself" to them they could not understand that." Billy

"Herniated discs, had hard time turning my head, arm going dead, numb for years.  After a couple of sessions felt the difference immediately.  Gone diabetes sores from legs, arms and chest, no more itching, sleeping better." Ruth

“Everybody was giving me different advice for lower back, sciatica and neck.  Lots of pain keeping me up at night. I was miserable for six months.  Now, sleeping at night, minimal soreness.  After healing crisis feeling much better, now it's really working.” Jenn

“Thanks to the training I am able to do my stained glass art without having to endure the pain in my back and hands. Will treat my hands after working all day and will have no pain. Also, have arthritis in right shoulder, pain controlled by the Electrical Energizer. No longer use my allergy medicine, treat sinuses freq especially when I have symptoms.” Barbara

“The trainings helped me to fully understand the basic principles of the Electrical Energizer. And especially the importance of the neuropeptides which motivated me to do the entire body.” Russ

“I have a chronic, autoimmune disease that manifests itself with many different pain syndromes – paresthesia, joint pain, back pain, muscle pain, numbness and pain in the hands and feet. Your training has been helpful with almost all of the above.” David