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PCM Quick Start Overview

In this PCM Quick Start 7 day training you will learn how to apply the DiaDENS PCM and what settings to use so that you can maximize the effect and quickly learn how to solve your pain

  1. QuickStart Member’s Orientation
  2. What settings to use and how long to apply
  3. Strategies for staying motivated

Are you ready!
Hey, then let's get you orientated.
The objective of the Quick Start is to get you up and running before you arrive in the Self Study.

7 Day - Quick Start

2 Training Workshop Audios - 3 hours total that describe the overall process and how it works.
10 Quick Start Back Office PCM and Accessories Videos
Daily Email Tips - to you get into the daily rhythm
4 fundamental settings that are CRUCIAL to using the PCM(we'll save the other 104 settings for later)
Resource manuals
Facebook Support - to support you and one another
Weekly assessment and setting strategies for the next week
30 minutes of application per day (or more)
7 Days Duration - maybe less if you master the 4 fundamental settings fast.

So you are going to focus on four pain annihilating settings.  Sure you can play around with others, but these are the most important to use to maximize your results in a week.

  1. 77 Hz use it 90% of the time
  2. 200 Hz use it to initially numb out the pain
  3. The SCREEN mode - use to record your daily progress
  4. 7.8 Hz use it to calm your mind and body before sleep

It's that easy and the videos will explain more.

Each day you will get an email with instructions and like life, this Quick Start training is dependent on you taking action (success loves speed) on a daily basis.

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