DENAS PCM Ninja 1 - Training

Welcome - Orientation

Hey Welcome!

Congratulations on completing the Quick Start orientation.
We are going to get a lot more electricity into your body this month! And with it tremendous shifts in energy, mood and pain. Yeah!

The content is dripped out over this month with daily email reminders and more is released according to the schedule below.

Got questions, catch me on the private Facebook PCM Self Study group.

To your very best health!


Week 1
1. SCREEN and MED - Ninja 1 complete
2. Tracking the Pain
3. Asymmetries
4. Gloves and Socks
5. Self Study Hangout Replays
- Assessment and Strategies Review
- Motivation and Assessment Review

Week 2
1. Energizing the Whole Body
2. Mode Selection
3. White Board Video
4. Self Study Hangout Replay 2-14-15

Week 3
1. Ultra Low or, Infra Frequencies
2. Self Study Hangout Replay 2-21-15
- Overview and Assessments

Week 4
1. Hangout Assessments Replay 2-28-15
- Recap and Strategies for next month