DENAS PCM Ninja 1 - Training

BONUS:  DiaDENS PCM Workshop Series

PCM - Overview Workshop

  1. How it works - How to Use and Safety
  2. Overview how to use the PCM settings for a huge range of situations
  3. 3 reasons why SCENAR/electricity is so beneficial
  4. why and what electricity can do
  5. Case studies, tips, and safety

DiaDENS PCM Orientation WorkshopParticipant’s questions about:

  1. Screening mode,
  2. speed of movement,
  3. different PCM settings,
  4. training options,
  5. concussion/tremors,
  6. foot pad,
  7. chronic fatigue,
  8. What do the different frequencies and settings do and how to do it
  9. surgery pre- and post op,
  10. depression/anxiety
  11. Group exercise how to apply 7.8 Hz to slow down brain wave activity to planet resonance.
  12. Ultra low frequencies,
  13. Pre sets and MED diagnostics
  14. Different electrodes: what they can do and how to do it
  15. Application techniques: how long, what frequencies, settings and case examples

Training options:

  1. Quick Start,
  2. Self Study and
  3. VIP Coaching.
  4. Q&A

NB the 7 day Quick Start module was added after this call.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice. We are using the PCM to balance the electrical energy in the body, not for treatment of any disease.