DENAS PCM Ninja 1 - Training

10 Dimensional Assessment

The 10 Dimensional Assessment:

  1. Rate your average pain - gives a picture of how stressed you are
  2. Rate your healing crisis - another stress indicator
  3. How much has your pain dropped - indicate progress, or not
  4. How many days was healing crisis - indicates the health and vibrancy
  5. Rate your overall energy level - tells what reserves you have on hand
  6. How motivated do you feel - tells if you are naturally being supported
  7. How do you feel emotionally - change can bring up all sorts of stuff
  8. How is your sleep - how much rest you are really getting to recuperate
  9. How is your digestion - tied in emotionally and nutritionally
  10. How is your exercise -  energy levels

So, the lowest value in the 10 dimensions above becomes one, or more, of the top three goals and the strategy for the week.
The other pain related factors are telling me what you did and for how long

If you have paid access to me, I will review your assessment and assist you in your strategy for the week during the weekly Hangouts.