Initial Assessment and Terms for the 24+ Training for the DENAS PCM 6

Terms and Conditions:

I understand that this DENAS PCM 6 24+Training is not for the treatment of any medical condition or medical advice.
I agree not to use any medical terms for any disease or condition.
I understand that you, Benedick Howard are not a medical professional and cannot provide medical advice.
I am investing in this training with my “eyes open” and take full responsibility for any healing crisis that may occur.
If I need medical advice, I will consult my medical professional.
I understand that Benedick has taken many years to learn, perfect and organize this knowledge.
I agree to treat this training with the utmost respect.
I agree to honor Benedick Howard's intellectual property and copyright - not to be shared, sold or repackaged.
I agree that any testimony I share is for the benefit of everyone and that it may be used freely for training and promotion purposes.
I agree to do all of my assignments and homework, and implement the lessons I learn into my lifestyle.
I understand that this is going to be FUN, intensive work, and I’m up for the challenge!

By participating in this training I agree to accept the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Your Lifetime Free Access will terminate if any Terms and Conditions are breached.

Your First Facebook name
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Choose from the drop down menu. We will use this scale throughout the training.
1 is low, 10 is lots!
1 is low energy, 10 is lots!
Give as much detail as you can
Examples: Less Pain, More energy, Better Sleep, Improved Digestion, Better Mood, More Play, More Exercise, GMO diet, Organic foods, Zero Salt, Get off Meds, More time with Family, Get out more, Clean out closet, Improved Fitness, Better Self Care etc. >>>> Allow 10 seconds for the form to process after you press Submit.
1 hours a day minimum, some people go 3 or 4 hours especially the first weeks.