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Benedick Howard is an expert in microcurrent application strategies and a wellness coach.  He has coached thousands of clients worldwide with advanced mitochondria nutritional concepts and exercise using microcurrent devices like the advanced DENAS PCM 6
Chris Hoffman is a gold medalist sports coach and trainer using Microcurrent Ninja strategies to get his injured athletes back on track 2X Faster.  
"Its a fantastic tool".
 "Next month I am 73, I shock people when I mention my age.  I look and feel much younger and healthier compared to 30 years ago, thanks to rejuvenating microcurrent.”  
Adelinde Farmer
Sean Coackley a nutritional yogi, while training he fell over a cliff  smashing his back and ribs.  Nothing helped with his chronic pain until he resolved it completely with Benedick's system
The 24 Automated Treatment Programs in the DENAS PCM 6 
1. Allergy Program
2. Pain Program
3. Intense Pain Program
4. Dystonia Program
5. Bloating Program
6. Gynecological Pain Program
7. Gynecology Program
8. Hypertension Program
9. Hypotonia Program
10. Head Program
11. Throat Program
12. Diarrhea Program
13. Abdominal Pain Program
14. Constipation Program
15. Cough Program
16. Muscles Program
17. Cold Program
18. Potency Program
19. Kidneys Program
20. Neck and Back Program
21. Joints Program
22. Nausea Program
23. Trauma Program
24. Asphyxia Program
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Benedick Howard B.Sc. and ex development engineer for GE is a Wellness Coach for professionals looking for quick solutions using proven Russian microcurrent biofeedback technologies to solve their pain, boost their energy and rejuvenation.  He has trained gold medalist sports coaches, CEOs, Doctors, Chiropractors, other health professionals and people in pain for 15 years.  He combines advanced nutritional, nnEMF and circadian awareness with advanced handheld microcurrent devices from Russia with their proven 88.5% cure rates on 18,255 people.  At 66 years old he practices Ashtanga yoga daily and runs an average 16 miles weekly as part of his green sustainable living lifestyle in Hawaii.
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