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"I've been without my original classic DENAS, that I bought from you in 2008, for a few months now and I'm starting to have wrist and foot pain again.  I'm sure it kept me healthy and am sure it helped me get pregnant in 2009!  What a great machine, can't wait for my DENAS PCM 6 to arrive.  Aloha, Karen ho, Honolulu Hawaii."

Like Karen you need a proven system to solve your pain, boost your energy and rejuvenate even when everything else failed, so click on the yellow Download Free Report button now and learn how you can to do it like a professional and get off the deadly medical treadmill.
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Benedick Howard B.Sc. and ex development engineer for GE is a Wellness Coach for professionals looking for quick solutions using proven Russian microcurrent biofeedback technologies to solve their pain, boost their energy and rejuvenation.  He has trained gold medalist sports coaches, CEOs, Doctors, Chiropractors, other health professionals and people in pain for 15 years.  He combines advanced nutritional, nnEMF and circadian awareness with advanced handheld microcurrent devices from Russia with their proven 88.5% cure rates on 18,255 people.  He practices Ashtanga yoga daily as part of his green sustainable living lifestyle in Hawaii.
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