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Benedick Howard

Benedick Howard
Health Coach

  I've never been as excited as I am right now because I have no doubt that the insights you
will get from these coaching tips will have a greater impact on boosting your energy, solving your pain and rejuvenation than any other.

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Wellness Saturdays with Benedick

Wellness Saturdays with Benedick
Facebook group

This is a series of Facebook live streams with the latest and most advanced health tips and strategies, listen to soothing Hawaiian tunes, and try out Benedick’s delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes 🥤🥗

When you join the group, here’s what you can get:

☑  Personal development tips and strategies

☑  Nutrition and recipes

☑  Exercise videos

☑  Energy boosting foods and techniques

☑  Microcurrent therapy applications and strategies

☑  Health coaching tips

☑  Mitochondria health

☑  Thermogenesis and sunlight

☑  And more…

Join the Wellness Saturdays group here.

Health coach tip
Health Coaching

 Health coaching builds healthy habits that align with how you want to feel every day.  Are you looking to optimize your health with more energy, better sleep, and redox so you can detox?  Then you need my Wellness Ninja health coaching - the quickest way to boost your energy and mitochondria health.

Learn more here.

eBodyFUSION T Archives


 Learn from real-life SCENAR microcurrent case studies how you can save time, money and most importantly your health with Benedick's optimizing strategies.  All real-life experiences and how they were able to address their situations successfully.  Upgrade at anytime for more teleconference recordings and transcripts.

Get your free teleconference sample here.

Health Coach
Wellness Ninja Manifesto

 If you’d like to improve the overall quality of your health so that you can get on with living with plenty of energy then my advanced health coaching strategies might be just the ticket for you and this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

Download the manifesto and study it.


 Read the latest and most advanced health and wellness topics like frequency specific microcurrent, grounding, mitochondria health and more.

Visit the eBodyFUSION blog here.

eBodyFUSION YouTube Channel

Subscribe to the eBodyFUSION channel.  80+ public videos have been watched over 174,000 times. Give some love, subscribe and comment 👌

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