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  3. How to change your epigenetics by using the Vertebra to stimulate the magical secretion of neuropeptides and neuromodulators
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  5. The special features that make the Vertebra the ultimate “laid back” microcurrent device
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Vertebra v2

Now here is the game changer that is revolutionizing how we apply these devices to conquer pain.  

Called the DENAS Vertebra v2, a super advanced and powerful microcurrent biofeedback device with 48 electrodes and quick easy learning curve to do the impossible with your handheld.

Harmless gentle sequences of specific microcurrent frequencies, that for decades have delivered people like you with proven results, tingles your back from the strategically placed 48 electrodes.

The 48 electrodes effortlessly deliver microcurrent therapy (MCT) to quickly stimulates your back so that you feel less pain, more energized and empowered, all you do it lie down and relax - effortlessly!

Ideal for people with back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and degenerated tissues, inflammatory issues, low energy and sleep problems, and even the very wide range of dystonia symptons.  

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  Pain Relief - So that you can get up and running again
  Energizing - So that you have the motivation to attain your goals
  Rejuvenating - So you can actually reverse damaged tissues MRI proven
    Detoxing - Quickly release the harmful effects of toxicity
  Relaxing - So relaxing that even insomniacs can get a good night’s sleep

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