I am excited to get you going.
You will learn a lot of new things about electricity and your body.

One of the cool functions of the PCM is the SCREEN mode, which will measure how "charged" an area is compared to another. Over time these "charge" numbers will group together tighter as the whole body adjusts and quickly heals. The six points on the face creates an instant snapshot of the overall system status (electrically) and as we've been discovering this year it does this amazingly well and can be useful to know whats going on.

Check list:

First test the power levels on different parts of the body are more sensitive, like the lips or fingertips. There will be many different sensations from tingles to powerful shocks, sometimes deep into the body. These powerful shocks are to be avoided at all costs this week!
So test the power levels at different parts where you begin the feel the tingles gently.

Second. After a while when you first start, and your body becomes more charged with electricity and able to push out the old toxins you will probably feel some temporary aches and pains as your body detoxes. This is a totally normal way for the body to process having lots more energy.

Daily measure the 6 points first thing in the morning before you wash your face. See video below.
Write them down with the date in the format below:
r l jaw, r l cheek, r l forehead
5/27/15: 28 25, 16 23, 0 7
Post them daily (they are crucial to the training) to the PCM Quick Start Facebook page so I can interpret your next steps.
Also, post about your pain spots and what you are doing, so I can make suggestions as needed.

About the video
In this orientation video you will learn:
1. SCREEN mode - the Six Points first thing in the morning
2. 200 Hz - to numb the pain
3. 77 Hz - during the day
4. 7.8 Hz - before sleep

So, in summary, post to Facebook your face points, results and questions.
Apply appropriately to your pain spots.
Head Up! Always refer to electrical values (as measured in various ways with your PCM) and not the medical terms like the name of a disease.


PS Any question? If you have access to my Facebook support then ask them on the PCM Orientation Facebook group.

This video explains how:
1. to upload your Initial Assessment
2. how to post it to the Quick Start Facebook group
3. post your daily to the comments under the initial assessment post, it will look something like below and at the end of the week it'll be so much easier to complete the weekly assessment form.

4. Format the 6 points as
7/15/16 26-29, 18-16, 20-20
so, 26-29 is lower left and right, 18-16 is cheek left and right and 20-20 is the brow left and right. PCM Orientation Facebook group.