DENAS 7 Day Training

#1 Rule...Rate Your Pain before and after ...

This bonus video is from the full monthly training and coaching program.

Starts at 4:30 minutes.

As the DENAS does not have 200 Hz use the 140 Hz.

Long term effects of neuropeptide production @ 77 Hz.

You can grab the offer to join the PCM users group at around 15 minutes.
Click here, you'll need the DENAS T, PCM or one of the professional SCENAR, Avazzia or ENART units with a digital readout.  And save when you upgrade to the full 3 month program.

Around the 8 minute mark you can use this for ANY pain, not just musculoskeletal.

Select your worse pain location, palpate - push in with pressure,
and rate the pain on a scale of 1 - 10 and make a notes in your journal
then apply 200Hz (or 140 Hz, DENAS) until the pain has reduced (numb) by 1 or more points 5 - 15 minutes.
Then use the 77 Hz for 90% of the time