DENAS 7 Day Training

Watch this DENAS unboxing video....Power and the 3 settings...

The 3 speeds:   77 Hz, 140 Hz, and MED (minimum effective dose) 10 Hz

The time it takes for the MED to beep is a measure of your energy at that location. Compare it symmetrically across the body and on your trouble spots.

Low energy = low electrical charge and the longer it takes to dose.


The finger tips and lips (for example) are much more sensitive than palm of the hand or the cheek.

  1. Place the electrodes on the skin with power = 0.
  2. Then slowly increase until you just feel the tingles.
    See power sensation scale on the left.
  3. At some locations you might not feel anything even at very high power levels.

If that happens BEWARE ... After some time you will suddenly feel the power (as the electricity begins to travel into the skin) and when this happens remove the device and lower the power.

Then test again increasing the power until you are comfortable with the sensation.

This is ESSENTIAL when working on others!